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  1. Hey mate, I’ve seen some of the ridiculous prices yes but I’ve also been lucky enough to find a couple within good reasonable price thats aren’t rusted buckets. Had someone on here offer me something nice a few months ago and now won’t reply to my txts and calls unfortunately. But other than that you I couldn’t pay me to drive a mustang. Not a fan. But yeah I’ll either hang out for this guy or I’m in the market for an r35.
  2. Hey Z car guys n gals, I’m looking to buy a complete and running 240z or 260z. After something modified, but I am open to anything. engine swaps are ok depending what kind. please get in touch and let me know if you have something. ✌️
  3. Hi there. been a while since I’ve been on here or owned an old z. I’m in the market again for a modified 240z or 260z. Budget around 40k for the right car. No autos please and nothing stock. ✌️
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