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  1. Hey mate, I had a look but couldn’t see much. Do you want to pm me ?
  2. Long shot but is anyone one here or know anyone selling a regestered 2 seater? Can be in rego’d but no projects as I do not have the space. any help appreciated ✌️
  3. Hey mate, I’ve seen some of the ridiculous prices yes but I’ve also been lucky enough to find a couple within good reasonable price thats aren’t rusted buckets. Had someone on here offer me something nice a few months ago and now won’t reply to my txts and calls unfortunately. But other than that you I couldn’t pay me to drive a mustang. Not a fan. But yeah I’ll either hang out for this guy or I’m in the market for an r35.
  4. Hey Z car guys n gals, I’m looking to buy a complete and running 240z or 260z. After something modified, but I am open to anything. engine swaps are ok depending what kind. please get in touch and let me know if you have something. ✌️
  5. Hi there. been a while since I’ve been on here or owned an old z. I’m in the market again for a modified 240z or 260z. Budget around 40k for the right car. No autos please and nothing stock. ✌️
  6. 240z/260z BC BR coilovers for sale!! I had recently bought these BC coilovers from the Australian distributor of BC (JUST JAP) And they took a little while to come and my Z had sold before they came so now I need to get rid of these as I need the money. box is unopened. They are brand new. They cost me $1449 I'm pretty sure. I'm selling them for $1350. These go up in price every year. Get yourself a bargain. Located north NSW. Can possibly post. Txt me if you want photos as I can't upload them from my phone on this site. 0401603051
  7. Thanks. I did see them but they are about $175. thought ide try my chances on some used ones, maybe cheaper.
  8. Looking to buy 2 Fairlady z badges/emblems Or any of anyone has any for sale please contact me. Thanks.
  9. Yeah I even did. Thanks retro z... I searched for it in the search tab on otomoto and it did not come up so then I looked through their website and found it. THANKS
  10. Can anyone tag the otomoto guy or point me in the direction of him please. Want to buy kameari front dam off him. Cheers J
  11. Thanks a lot for the info retro z! Do you know what the rubber is called on eBay by chance? It just seems like there should be something between the bumper and the panel. Cheers
  12. does anyone know how to secure the ends of the rear chrome bumper for 240z? Where I can buy what is needed and how to do so? I need hardware and rubber I assume. Any info appreciated. Cheers!
  13. Yep same one as on Datsuns down under. There is two small holes in the bar. Located north nsw. I can post it.
  14. I have a rear that needs re chrome can sell it cheap.
  15. Send me your phone number and I can send some pics through if you like
  16. That one looks ok and is a good price but I got no reply from them. Does anyone know if there are any for sale on any Australian websites? besides the gumtree one...
  17. Selling my chrome front bumper for 240z or 260z New condition, chrome is perfect. $200 Ono
  18. For some reason yesterday I didn't see those.. Looking for kameari style although that one for $260 looks alright for the money.
  19. None on there. Cheers anyway
  20. Looking to buy air dam for my 72 240z Located north nsw. Cash ready for a deal. Anything under $450? Cheers
  21. Hey, I met you at cars and coffee a few months back and was interested in buying your 240z. Still interested and I live near Byron please get back to me asap!!
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