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  1. Didn't take long to sell the CCC monster, he was asking around 80K I think. Who bought it?
  2. The ZCCQ does regular email notifications of what's on including events organised by others, an excellent service.
  3. Morgan Park run was more for the driver, how long has it been since venturing on to a track, crazy. Anyway the driver passed the test but the brakes were rubbish so that's the excuse for converting them back to boosted then have another practice to see what we have. The muffler change did not work out, quiet at low revs but mad up the rev range a bit.
  4. It's set up for dual fuel, which should I use? Might get a dyno tune so now is the time to decide.
  5. Started it up the other day, had removed excess exhaust plumbing at the rear which included fitting a short muffler that I had lying around, surprisingly quiet. Also fitted a wider seat, nice position now. It's strange, this is not really a project, just wanted to make sure I have a Z for CB19. If it was a starting from scratch project, geez, where to start body wise, so different from the S30 which in comparison is as simple as it gets. This thing has pieces of metal everywhere, some bolted rather than welded on. Plus I noticed that the engine could be moved back close to 200mm, depending if the false firewall is retained or not. Anyway, should be able to get her out to Morgan Park next practice day to see whats what.
  6. First race car I've ever bought so it's a new experience in a way. It should be interesting to drive but as we all know a bit heavy compared with the opposition, up to 100kg heavier. Anyway, some details although there is more info to come on the motor but as far as I know it's pretty well full house although the previous owner wanted lots of mid range so it's not expected to be a dyno queen, apparently the engine builder said that there was another 50 horses if wanted. Have checked her to top to bottom and made some mods including adding a 1.5 way CUSCO LSD, 4.1 ratio, plus a new all aluminium radiator with custom framed fan and a few other maintenance items. Hope to take her out to a Morgan Park practice day next Wednesday so more then.
  7. Perhaps you are seeking a logical answer when there is none. Perhaps the 4080 plates were on the car in Japan and no one bothered to take them off or they forgot.
  8. Isn't it possible that the 4080 carnet plates were on the car when it was sent from Japan but the plates were not 'activated' ie no carnet paperwork?
  9. Thanks for the encouragement blokes, will do once it's off the hoist and pics can be taken. It's on the hoist that the difference in structure compared with the S30 through to the Z31 is apparent, the Z33's chassis is comparatively massive with aftermarket type braces everywhere, where the extra weight comes from is apparent. First Zed I've four point jacked with the doors still latching perfectly, the Z31 2+2 was terrible in that regard even with a full cage.
  10. Does this forum want details of the log booked 350Z I've bought and what will be done with it in the future? No point in it if there is no interest.
  11. The Gainers are having a bit of a rough drive this year, broke a front compression rod, got back up to second but now back down to 6th. That Crown bloke is amazing for his age, there's hope for all of us
  12. Get a sound HR one for $10k, spend $20k WISELY plus lots of DIY weight reduction and off you go.
  13. A much neglected and misunderstood Z car model the 350Z, this is an extreme race version showing what the chassis is capable of and with bonus great sound. Start around 3 minutes if you want to avoid the intro chat.
  14. 260DET

    R200 Diff

    I have a long nose that was built for the abandoned project so all new bearings and seals. It has a Nissan torsen LSD centre which would require axles to suit and a finned cover so not a cheap setup. The case has a splash oil feed line to the front bearings , very schmick. It's a 3.7, good luck finding a 3.9 or 4.1 although they are available used ex Japan, at a price. I'm at Warwick, 4370.
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