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  1. Long story. I had no idea what lap times with the 350Z would be, the previous owner did a 2:34 last year on slicks but I was running 200 tread wear tyres, 275's on 10" wheels. It really needs 12" but too wide for the trailer.
  2. Perhaps it depends on weather getting your picture taken is the only reason to attend the Z celebration and watch lots of Zeds in action at the best circuit in the world.
  3. It's open to all Zeds, 350Z's better be allowed because I'm racing one as are a couple of others. For heaps of info look at the Challenge Bathurst thread.
  4. If this goes on for much longer there will be just a pile of rust with bits of blue tape left.
  5. Mine was registered in Q as a 2+2 apparently because there was no two seater listed on their data base.
  6. If the chassis number on the plate matches the number on the chassis, whats's the problem? If it doesn't then surely there is a procedure that can be used.
  7. The cheek, taping over the rust. A bit of rewording for the ad. 'Owned by a panel beater who realised that it was too far gone to restore economically so I bought it looking for a quick buck flip.'
  8. The chassis number would have to match, not too hard to work out All two seaters were imports of course and can be registered without a compliance plate providing the required procedure is completed. I imported mine about 10 years ago.
  9. You have got yourself a bargain, great buy.
  10. A rally Z with something like Federal 595 tyres would be fine to enter.
  11. Great thread, surprised that there is not more interest coming from the L heads.
  12. Wow, this sounds great, nearly as good as our Challenge Bathurst celebration later this year LOL
  13. Price to Australia and actual weight?
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