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  1. Looks like that Ferrari engine would require an aftermarket ECU plus a gearbox, if one could be adapted. That would cost a bomb, cheaper to fit a 370Z engine with gearbox.
  2. Why not get OE replacement parts? For the reason Dave gave you can be sure that OE spec parts will match and work well.
  3. That's par for the course with Americans on any topic, I'm a WWII military history buff and some of the supposed info that makes it into video is just nonsense. But Americans invariably believe it, particularly if it's what they want to hear, if it's disputed the general reaction is either silence or references to other nonsense. There is virtually no original research involved in their responses, it's all cut 'n paste over and over again..
  4. Urethane is not suitable for any bush that twists internally I believe, go with the rubber ones for all replacement purposes.
  5. Too many close walls at Bathurst to explore grip limits, particularly with tyres that let go without warning. Talking about us occasional drive amateurs who also don't have a set of rain tyres.
  6. I still think that in your situation you need a good LSD and initially nothing else. Lockers cause rear wheel slip in corners, that's a mechanical fact and avoidable slip is not what you want. One thing at a time, starting with a OSG.
  7. Bathurst to me is more about the experience rather than setting killer lap times, at Lakeside I could do that because sprints were on regularly so plenty of lap and tune time. It's a pity that Challenge Bathurst is not on more regularly so the same approach could be taken. A year is way too long
  8. There's at least part of your problem, I'd bet that you would love an OSG, all plate type LSD'd proportion drive in corners for better grip and less push but the OSG does that best.
  9. Going on your additional info Greg I still think that your present setup is pretty good, any improvements are only going to give you very small gains. What LSD do you have? OS Giken seem to be the best, not all LSD's are created equal.
  10. Sounds like you have a really good setup Greg for it to be so sensitive to adjustment, that's real pro stuff. Have never heard of anyone using a in cabin adjustable ARB in a S30, of course there are generic ones around or there were last time I checked so it sounds like it's a DIY job.
  11. Only negatives to report so they are not going to be reported. Good news is that there may be two Z's to choose from next year. Below is a video of the fastest Z lap of the series, still has a L engine, running slicks which I would not do. You S30 punters should be rapt.
  12. In practice there are two streams of competition, those who want to do regular timed laps and those who want to see how fast they can lap the best circuit in the world. For me regularity can be done on any circuit but Challenge Bathurst is unique, it's a unique challenge for both car and driver on a uniquely challenging circuit.
  13. Lap times? There was one particular sensational lap time that I thought would get an enthusiastic mention but nothing? The lack of interest in the results of such an iconic event is hard to understand, perhaps it's only all about me, me, me.
  14. Sounds like you need to familiarise yourself with the basics first, standard parts and their correct terminology, workshop manual for that.
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