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  1. Turbo oil pump with a price to match! Genuine Nissan 280ZX Turbo Oil Pump & FREE GASKET - For Datsun S30 240Z L24 | eBay
  2. This looks the goods and it's a series 2 which is a bonus. Rack and pinion vs the drag link set up of the series 1 to mention one of the upgrades between models. The interiors of that period always make me cringe though! Although some 280zx's did have the all black interior.
  3. 280ZX's seem to be the flavor of the moment. It's good to see actually being an owner of one myself!
  4. That's a sweet 280ZX AndBir. A nice example for the money.
  5. I like it a lot. It does have some of the lines of the 240Z.IMHO.
  6. Yes Gav, thanks. Just realized I forgot to post the link!
  7. Not a $150K 240Z, but a $35K 280ZX, 2 seater, factory turbo, LHD. 1983 Nissan 280ZX Manual-SSE-AD-7065405 - carsales.com.au I actually enquired about this and got a few more pics if the interior and bodywork. Seller was very forthcoming with info. The body has a couple of dents, not seriously bad ones, but dents all the same. Interior is unmolested but tired. Seats may need to be retrimmed or professionally cleaned. They look dirty and a little worn in the pics I received. Carpet also needs replacing. There's a carpet dash mat, that could be obscuring a cracked dash. I do like the wheels though lol I just think for that kind of coin and the added expense of tidying it up, it just doesn't make good economic sense. Just my humble opinion.
  8. Saw this yesterday on carsales. For that kind of money, attention to detail for keeping it original would be high on my priority list. I just don't get the 260Z motor swap!
  9. That's a later style bar in that link> The earlier moustache bar looks totally different from memory.. Pretty sure you can reverse mount the original mustache bar and that will bring the diff back somewhat. Can't remember if it brings it back enough though. Good luck!
  10. Just listed on Gumtree. 240Z $20,000 https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/mount-waverley/cars-vans-utes/datsun-240z-1971-cams-logbooked-targa-rally-race/1241299352
  11. There's a 240K coupe for sale on Facebook market place for $88,800. Maybe someone can post a link as I'm not a member!
  12. That colour is on my favourites list. Good looking 240Z.
  13. Great buy! I have been after a 2 seater 280ZX for ages. So lucky I was away on holidays and not aware of this auction happening! Looks to be a series 1(as the year suggests), but has series 2 tail lights. If ever you decide to sell.......
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