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  1. Hi all, has anyone here had actual practical experience with the Chinese 45DCOE side draft carburettors. I would like to connect with anyone that has actual practical experience with these units to find out how well they work or don't work, tuning problems, etc. particularly in relation to Z cars. Not really interested in hearsay but actual practical experience. There is very little information regarding these units available. I have seen 1 short video indicating that they flood easily but no continuation video to see if the problem was cured. I have also heard of people who knew someone that
  2. Hi Clarky93 ,sorry for the late reply regarding the differential. I believe it is an R200 from a 1975 2+2 auto. I am unable to post a photo as I cannot work out how to do it on this site. I have extreme difficulty even working out how to reply to enquires.my email is bsharp05@outlook.com so if you send me your email I can send you photos.



  3. Hi Peter,

    sorry for the late reply l have extreme difficulty learning how to work this site. Yes the steering column is still available .

    i am unable to post a photo as I cannot work out how to do that on this site. If you send me an email to bsharp05@outlook.com I can reply with a photo and details for my address.



  4. Hi thanks for the interest in the diff. I have extra photos but I have absolutely no idea how to post photos them on the forum. I'm not sure about the description you requested but the diff was removed from a 1975 auto 260Z 2+2. 



  5. Hi All, I have a collection of 260Z 2+2 parts for sale. 2 x 260Z Radiators $150 each, L26 engine mostly stripped down but all there $450, Oil pump $75, RH front guard (has rust on the top and lower section. I have a Rare Spares rust repair panel for the lower section, $150, LH front guard has rust in lower section, also has panel damage on the top behind the headlight but is repairable $150, 2 x 260Z headlight rims in good condition $75 each, 2 x front seats not in bad condition but probable best to get redone $150 each, 1 rear seat back and lower sections $150, steering column $150 (SOLD), R2
  6. Hi, I have 3 new FAJS (Chinese Weber knock offs) that I am no longer going to use. I will sell them for $350.00 each if his will help. You would need to get a manifold and linkages. The jetting is: mains 145 emulsion tubes F16 idle jets 55F8 Needle and Seat 2.00 i bought these about 2 years ago to use on my Datsun 260Z. I thought they were the genuine Webers. Due to a medical problem I had to put my project on hold and have only recently been able to get started on it again. After I realised they are the JAFS 45DCOE carburettors I have decided to replace them.
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