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  1. NDSOC is excited to announce the details of ALL NISSAN DAY on the 25 July 2021. This is the successor to their XMAS in July event held at Caribbean Gardens (now closed). Registration on their website is required as per link . Hope to see you there !! ALL NISSAN DAY flyer_4 26may2021_71.pdf
  2. Can pick either tomorrow or Thursday morning and make arrangements with aircobra for overriders. Will make donation to VicZcar.
  3. Required for 240 manual conversion
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  5. Zedstar


    Build date 12/71 Recently purchased from owner of 33 years. Close to being actively driven
  6. Gavin if you contact Mark Stables at NDSOC he will be able to assist.
  7. Was fortunate enough to pick up this high quality original metal badge. The Australian 240Z Club which formed many years ago eventually merged with NDSOC. A few badges were made available to NDSOC by the family of the founding member.
  8. https://www.shannons.com.au/auctions/2018-shannons-melbourne-late-summer-classic-auction/UC8AKA6P68945VC0/ Reasonable result for highly modded Zed.
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