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  1. Hi Greg I will have a good look at the photo when I get ho e and give you a call thanks heaps
  2. Hi peoples When i purchased my 260Z project i received all the bits in boxes, after doing an inventory I discovered i was missing both the R hand door hinges, i then sought to buy some replacements which i did some time ago. Sadly this morning upon trying to install the door for panel fitment and repair purposes i have discovered that the "R hand door hinges" i bought turned out to be a R hand upper and a L hand lower (didn't look hard enough at then at the time). needless to say i that's not going to work too well. So i was wondering if anyone might have a lower R hand door hinge
  3. Thanks for the info, lol tolerances, i have found quite a few factory "uniquenesses". yes i can imagine that this panel area could suffer from some variances. i'm not too worried as long as it looks right. i have had a bit of a play today and got it pretty close. a bit more and i will be happy. its just handy to know where the end result should be before your start. Thanks Paul
  4. gilltech Yes thank you that does help, i can see from what is left how it is put together and is as you described. with the rocker panel having a depression to accommodate the dogleg panel. it's the alignment between the sill and the dogleg i am most concerned with, and as i suspected should be nicely in line as you say. looks to be a bit of persuasion necessary. Thanks very much for your reply it confirms what i suspected and i can now go hit it with a hammer until it agrees with me Paul
  5. Hi peoples Im looking for a bit of help, i have been working on repairing the rocker panel and dogleg area in the 260 and I'm a bit stuck when it comes to getting the shapes and levels back in place. Unfortunately the previous owner of the car had already removed these sections, on both sides, and discarded them so i have no reference or old panels to work from. Essentially what i need is for a kind hearted sole out there to put a ruler across the overlap between the rocker panel and the dogleg panel and take a couple of photos for me (see photos of what i have below) so i can get an idea
  6. So since I purchased the car we had already been looking to buy a home, and so with much searching and grief we were successful in that endeavour. One problem with that, no garage again, so before being able to continue on the car I had to partake in 260z garage build version 2 and the car had to go to bed in a mates shed for a while. And while I was in a construction mood, I decided to make a custom toolbox And with that all out of the way and the car in its new home back to more….. rust. O and after parting with a small part of my soul, I acquired a set of these
  7. Ok so it has been a long time since I have updated this thread, have moved in the mean time and had to build another garage for the Z and just life in general. But work has still been done. Thought I would update in chronological order over a few posts, so here goes. After the learning experience of the rear quarter panel it was time to begin tackling the rear hatch area. As can be seen there was not too much metal left And with proper allocation of grinder the rust was cut out and a new patch fabricated. Some welding and some more grinding and it was looking mu
  8. Sorry would like to move them on as a whole unit. Edit sorry I see the post above you should be all sorted
  9. Set of front and rear bars off a 1977 260z 2 seater. they are pretty rough but someone might get something from them. I have some replacement ones so are not needed. Free to a good home otherwise they are going on hard rubbish. Taken Pickup in Olinda 3788, Melbourne
  10. Gone to a good home thanks 280zUSA was good meeting you.
  11. nice compound curves. looking good so far
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