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  1. Gone to a good home thanks 280zUSA was good meeting you.
  2. nice compound curves. looking good so far
  3. Hey Rob I have always been a collector of skills, im just adding more. Im using a TIG welder. Steep learning curve but im getting the hang of it. This is my first welder and i have never welded with anything else. I just keep melting metal till it looks right :p
  4. Jeff Yep came out ok in the end and yep ots still on the rotisserie, it will be there for quite some time longer. But things are speeding up as i learn more :)
  5. Hi peoples Been a while since i did an update so here goes....... began working on the drivers side rear quarter. unfortunately i made a mistake...... the previous owner of the car looked to have attempted a repair on this panel but never finished. i was able to get the panel smooth save for a single stretch that resulted in a small buckling in the panel. Here is where i made my mistake i decided to cut a small slot remove the streacted metal and relieve the stress in the panel, which worked very well. However my welding skills were not yet up to the challenge of fixing this slot...... it went bad...... the single weld become many as i chased my tail...... this then resulted in me cutting a bigger hole this is where i made mistake number 2 ..... i didn't cut enough out. i left some if my booga welding behind.... at first i thought i had fixed it but no i now began chasing cracks which ended in cutting more holes and more patches....... (don't worry i'm slowly learning my lesson) so now with all that "practice" i knew that the only way to fix it right was to cut the whole area out and fix it with one large, one piece, patch....... now understanding what i did wrong, what i needed to do to fix it and now having the skill enough to fix it the final repair came out pretty well even if it never should have been this way in the first place. But as i said, lessons were learned skills were developed and when i have to do it again to fix some places where i do have to cut areas out due to rust and not because i stuffed up, things will go much better. In fact they already are. The final result, the whole panel still in need a little smoothing out but also needs some work in other areas as well before i finish that process. Thats all for now but more soon Paul
  6. price drop. what to get them out of the backyard $50
  7. FREE to a good home TAKEN Gone to a good home BUMP i am moving soon and these items wont be coming with me if someone doesn't take them im going to chop them up and throw them out which would be a shame. so give me a PM, Hi when i purchased my 260Z project it came with a front splitter and a rear wing. i have no need for them as i wish to restore the car to a more factory look. plus i may be moving soon so need to get rid of them. $200 for the lot PM me (im located in Melbourne / Sunshine) BUMP free to a good home just need to get them out of the backyard There is one large crack in the splitter which looks like someone had a half hearted attempt at fixing otherwise looks like they are in fairly solid condition. Happy to provide more pics details on request.
  8. Hi indeed it is, 260z built 5/77. I perchased it dissasembaled and in the condition you see it in the photos. I have found my car has more similarities to a US delivered 280z than the even slightly earlyer 260z's. An example of this is the doors, my car has different door latches and window regulators than even the 1976 model. Made finding those parts, as i was missing all the drivers side internal door parts, a bit of a challenge. I have a feeling that where were not too many 260z two seaters built after mine. Would love to find out more about that.
  9. Tried my hand for the first time at some panel beating while i have a think how im going to tackle the rist along the seam in the firewall. when i purchased the car the was a pretty nasty dent in the passenger side rear quarter panel so i figured i would start there seeing as there was good access to the back of the panel. I started by pushing out as much as i could with my foot from the inside of the car then slowly massaged the rest with a hammer and dolly. i had some trouble with some oil canning, but was able to get it all tight again with some heat shrinking using a LPG blowtorch. Im very happy with how the panel came out should only take a minimal amount of filler to get it perfect.
  10. seems that mine in one of those very late 260z 2 seaters RS30-015226 Red 110, manual, 5th month 1977
  11. Ha ha thanks mate. Yeah it involves alot of clenching.......
  12. Im also looking for some advice i have begun exploring some of the areas of rust in my car. i have decided to begin with fixing the firewall because that should be easy ....... mmm .... turns out its a bit more complex that it looks this is what it looked like before i began cutting i began but cutting away the affected area and have found that the panel under the dash intersects the fire wall in this location. i have found that there is some rust/beginnings of rust along the inside of this seam and it looks like it is along a large length of this seam. i have cut some distance down the seam but i have stopped in order to have a bit more of a think. i have been considering my options. 1) Nuclear option... cut all the way along the fire wall clean and replace. not something i particularly want to do, 2) some how chemically treat the seam without cutting more 3) combination of options 1 and 2. 4) plug my ears start humming and ignore it weld in patch move on. 5) something else........... Thoughts advice suggestions most welcome Paul
  13. So a month of sundays latter the car is all clean. i have taken the time to remove all of the under body coating as well as the sound deadener and all the seam sealer (well all the seam sealer i can get to) I'm happy that there are not too many areas of concern that have arisen. The worst new area i have found seems to be the rear quarter panel around the fuel filler. i will probably need to remove it to fix it. i also have a timelapse of the whole process might edit it and upload some time. Enjoy the photos below. O and the car got 3c cheaper
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