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  1. Left and right gutter moulds in good nick. Just need a fresh polish. $250
  2. Genuine 2 seater door glass. Need a good clean but otherwise good nick. $250 for both Non de-frost rear hatch glass. Come out of 240z. $250
  3. 260z bonnet. Apart from damage and rust at the front edge its in good nick. Swap for auto 6cyl gearbox
  4. @gav240z I'm located in Millpark. Happy to pay shipping if restrictions don't ease or my brother (truckie) could pick it up. PM me price and we can work something out. Much appreciated.
  5. Hi Cozza, Looks like a need the 3n71. It for an L26 76'. Bummer, i thought they are all the same.
  6. hi all, Im after a good running 3 speed auto . Im pretty sure they are all the same from any L-series. Please contact me via sms 0403416 549 thanks, Adam
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