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  1. Philistines... Stick to your imported rubbish and leave Aussie Icons alone.
  2. About minus 100% nicer.
  3. PeterAllen

    HS30 10763

  4. Making yet another push to rationalise shed space. Pick up - Sutherland Shire. Fridge 300ltrs Bench 1200 x 1070. 1030h on 4" castor.
  5. MONARO TORANA reminds me of this car I came across at Wakefield Park a few weekends ago. I'm not really too sure what I make of it... Not my photos.
  6. I don't understand why you would need to reshape the new floors. Use butt welds. If you use lap joins you'll just encourage rust. I trimmed my new floors then laid them over the old ones and marked out a cut line. I cut the old floor out with a thin cut-off wheel in an angle grinder and snips. I then positioned the new floor and welded it in position. I then added new rails. I did it on a rotisserie but it shouldn't be any different welding from inside the cabin.
  7. So many classics, of all descriptions, are lost in bushfires so I guess this time the losses will be significant. Here is one listed already.
  8. Funny you should make that comment. I was just talking to my gastroenterologist the other day and he explained exactly why we were called ‘old farts’.
  9. NATSOFT results to date look rather ominous for Leon and Tassie Mick. Hope it's nothing too serious chaps?
  10. Can you get an RMS UVP to drive it to Albury and a VicRoads UVP to drive it Wodonga to Melbourne?
  11. Nice one Gary. Couldn’t you get an Unregistered Vehicle Permit and take it for a test drive? I got three or four no trouble at all.
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