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  1. HUGO. That was it. Thanks. Hell, 13 years ago. Sadly it appears to be yet another case of ambition ahead funding and resources.
  2. Having a flashback and recall a chap in Sweden, or one of those cold places, who bought a POS Z from the USA. He started an incredible build and had a series of videos with great soundtracks. Think it was on here and may have been HybridZ as well. Anyone recall this and know if the project was completed? Links?
  3. Just watched a show on Foxtel 'BANGERS and CASH'. Seasons 3 Episode 5. It's a show you can take in small doses. Same theme repeated over and over and fake homely dialogue. It featured 3 Zs from the US being sold at a UK auction. It also showed something of the 'Z Factory' which I think most on here would have heard about.
  4. May have been a crude way to deliberate alter camber. Usually the tube is removed and the housing bored oversized at a different angle and a sleeve then inserted. It’s pretty tough (heavy gauge) tubing. I’d try straightening it with an oxy torch, but that’s me.
  5. Terribly saddened to hear this news. Geoff was one of natures gentlemen and a 'Shire Boy' to boot. We met numerous times when I consulted him during my build and we swapped parts, etc. On one occasion my car lost a wheel on a drive through The National Park. I wasn't carrying a spare but thankfully it was no trouble (so he said) for him to come immediately to my assistance - that just the kind of guy he was. My sincerest condolences to those left behind.
  6. COVID has curtailed activity a fair bit. We used to take mid-week runs for a lunch somewhere but with everything closed that kind of dropped off. Hoping to take it to Adelaide at Easter for a Bolwell gathering. I had thought COVID-time would aid the Bolwell build but access to parts and services hampered that at well. I also made the very foolish mistake of actually fixing something on the house and like 'swapping a taillight globe becoming a rotisserie rebuilt' it sort of got out of hand and became major renovations. As you can see, a lot of thinking but not much Bolwell progress.
  7. Just doing the rego and noticed; March 1972 - March 2022
  8. Rudi If you'd like to chat about an LSx install, then get in contact. Some of my experiences may help you avoid a few pitfalls. Peter
  9. Like everywhere else, cut it out and replaced. I became quite a fan of 'Ferguson's Knock-Out'. Composition looked good, was easy to apply in channels, etc. and was weld through.
  10. Just a cautionary note. You may find it hard to believe but that section can be prone to rust - I know, it's hard to believe with it being a 240Z. Ensure you use spreader plates if you are going to pull or push it into shape.
  11. I used Advanced sandblasting at Brookvale, Happy with their work. But it was nearly 15 years ago!
  12. I wonder if anyone with an LS1-t56, and using John's Cars Inc mounts, has just removed/install the gearbox? I need to replace the clutch but figure the bellhousing might foul the transmission tunnel as I slide the gearbox off. When I built it I assembled the engine and gearbox and dropped the body over them. I've never separated the engine/gearbox whilst fitted to the car. Thanks. I've asked on Hybrid Z - if anyone still uses that?
  13. Bugger you Leon. I can't find anything negative to say.
  14. Peter. I'd never heard of the procedure before so I did a bit of research on that valve thing. Good luck mate, it looks promising.
  15. After three and a half years, and a rebuilt chassis, the body has emerged from under the house. https://postimg.cc/p5YzZ0GD https://postimg.cc/hJ6LPQQ7 https://postimg.cc/DJGqWf1p Can't rush these things.
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