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  1. Terribly saddened to hear this news. Geoff was one of natures gentlemen and a 'Shire Boy' to boot. We met numerous times when I consulted him during my build and we swapped parts, etc. On one occasion my car lost a wheel on a drive through The National Park. I wasn't carrying a spare but thankfully it was no trouble (so he said) for him to come immediately to my assistance - that just the kind of guy he was. My sincerest condolences to those left behind.
  2. COVID has curtailed activity a fair bit. We used to take mid-week runs for a lunch somewhere but with everything closed that kind of dropped off. Hoping to take it to Adelaide at Easter for a Bolwell gathering. I had thought COVID-time would aid the Bolwell build but access to parts and services hampered that at well. I also made the very foolish mistake of actually fixing something on the house and like 'swapping a taillight globe becoming a rotisserie rebuilt' it sort of got out of hand and became major renovations. As you can see, a lot of thinking but not much Bolwell progress.
  3. Just doing the rego and noticed; March 1972 - March 2022
  4. Rudi If you'd like to chat about an LSx install, then get in contact. Some of my experiences may help you avoid a few pitfalls. Peter
  5. Like everywhere else, cut it out and replaced. I became quite a fan of 'Ferguson's Knock-Out'. Composition looked good, was easy to apply in channels, etc. and was weld through.
  6. Just a cautionary note. You may find it hard to believe but that section can be prone to rust - I know, it's hard to believe with it being a 240Z. Ensure you use spreader plates if you are going to pull or push it into shape.
  7. I used Advanced sandblasting at Brookvale, Happy with their work. But it was nearly 15 years ago!
  8. I wonder if anyone with an LS1-t56, and using John's Cars Inc mounts, has just removed/install the gearbox? I need to replace the clutch but figure the bellhousing might foul the transmission tunnel as I slide the gearbox off. When I built it I assembled the engine and gearbox and dropped the body over them. I've never separated the engine/gearbox whilst fitted to the car. Thanks. I've asked on Hybrid Z - if anyone still uses that?
  9. Bugger you Leon. I can't find anything negative to say.
  10. Peter. I'd never heard of the procedure before so I did a bit of research on that valve thing. Good luck mate, it looks promising.
  11. After three and a half years, and a rebuilt chassis, the body has emerged from under the house. https://postimg.cc/p5YzZ0GD https://postimg.cc/hJ6LPQQ7 https://postimg.cc/DJGqWf1p Can't rush these things.
  12. Acetone and auto transmission fluid is a home brew penetrating oil.
  13. You can make a puller yourself for <$10. Whatever you do, soak them in penetrating oil - acetone and auto fluid - for a few days before you try pressing or pulling them out.
  14. Yes, nice work, but please please DO NOT let your next post be: "Hey guys, how do you get the spindle pins out? - I've tried all the ham-fisted techniques I know and I've butchered the threads but I can't get them out"
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