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  1. So many classics, of all descriptions, are lost in bushfires so I guess this time the losses will be significant. Here is one listed already.
  2. Funny you should make that comment. I was just talking to my gastroenterologist the other day and he explained exactly why we were called ‘old farts’.
  3. NATSOFT results to date look rather ominous for Leon and Tassie Mick. Hope it's nothing too serious chaps?
  4. Can you get an RMS UVP to drive it to Albury and a VicRoads UVP to drive it Wodonga to Melbourne?
  5. Nice one Gary. Couldn’t you get an Unregistered Vehicle Permit and take it for a test drive? I got three or four no trouble at all.
  6. Very, very saddened to hear this news. I was a Eastern Creek in 2013 when Alex had the first drive of his newly acquired Historic Formula Vee. We shared stories of our travels to Pebble Beach and Laguna Seca. Unfortunately we had lost contact in recent years. He was well qualified and worked as an Economist and had a great interest in historic racing. My sincerest condolences to his wife Rachel and family. RIP 'Sir Jack'.
  7. A pity you can't use the grid as per the Bolwells at Philip Island.
  8. So if I take a week off work, drive from Qld and pay for accommodation, only to discover I'm the 51st oldest Z then I'm told to "sod off". Please explain?
  9. https://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/about/news-events/news/ministerial/2019/191002-historic-and-classic-cars-log-book-to-stay.html
  10. Gordon. This may be an issue long resolved by newer alternative options but at the time it was a PITA. Bleeding the t56 clutch was hard enough in a Holden but near impossible in an S30. The solution was to: Remove the long bleed nipple and replace with a short piece of tubing and a long flexible line - available from Mal Woods (Qld). https://postimg.cc/YGLKnsgG https://postimg.cc/rzq7tsZR Route the line up the firewall. https://postimg.cc/646Ssb4f https://postimg.cc/2b7JKNy5 Note: Do not let the line dangle unattached while you run the motor... D'oh!
  11. Likewise, I met up with Mick in Tassie; https://postimg.cc/XpBW5J83 We swapped details as we did our installs about the same time - it just took me an extra 8 years to get mine registered! I've sent you a PM about matching the mounts and the extractors but it looks like you have that covered. Lots of room until you start bolting things on: https://postimg.cc/k6Gzd1Y9
  12. Not sure if you need to have reversing lights but you have the correct 90 degree switch on that box, otherwise you would be taking a hammer to the transmission tunnel. So that leaves just 999 issue to resolve!
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