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  1. Hi Gav, haven't been on the forum hardly at all lately or I would have flicked some money your way. I'll send some over now! Thanks for all the years of info and support! Andrew
  2. So not going to lie I've been distracted with 90s jap cars, sorry but they dont rust and they are dirt cheap in comparison what can I say Anyway, I have done a bit in the last 12 months but not a whole heap. That being said, the car is pretty well as rust free as I'm going to get it. Floor pans are done, Floor supports are done, sills are done as are doglegs. Since my last post I've moved out of home into a propper shed (and a house of course!) On top of Uni I've been working a lot more than I have in the
  3. Ah man, haven't checked the forum in ages. Reading this remindes me of how much of a heartbreaker these cars are. What do you reckon 5% of all the s30s are rust free? Gotta love it, repairs are looking great guys!
  4. In Vic if you're able to keep the standard engine management, standard engine and standard emissions equipment you can do it for around 1k, the emissions tests are the expensive part at around 1200-2200$ depending on various things.
  5. Yeah, considering this post is 4 years old and there are multiple posts saying it's been sold. I reckon you'll be right to pick it up this weekend xD
  6. Me and the misso will be there! Might even bring my z in it's project stage considering it will probably already be sitting on the trailer. Sad I missed it last year!
  7. Continuing on from my last post, floor pan patches. Plenty of little rust spots to patch! Cut open the drivers side dogleg and sill area, about what I expected. Little bit of panel beating to get the dogleg repair sections up to scratch (still needs some work but getting there) The replacement rear slam panel. I picked up a 240z section from rare spares and modified it to work on the 2+2. I just had to add a lip to the front of it as well as clearance the latch dimples. Plenty of weld thru primer! All welded on. Overall super h
  8. Hey mate, I would suspect that this is a "police issued number" due to body parts being replaced, stolen and recovered or something similar. Bit more info here: http://www.gmh-torana.com.au/forums/topic/25502-police-chassis-numbers/ http://www.gmh-torana.com.au/forums/topic/43484-police-isued-chassis-numbers/ "My SLR5000 has a VP number, but Police and VicRoads records don't indicate that it has ever been stolen. The first two numbers after the"V" are the year that the new number was allocated. V03####P is 2003. Mine is V76####P, so 1976. " Hope this help
  9. Hey Cam, I'll send you a text!
  10. Thanks mate! I'll be sure to get plenty of paint and cavity spray up underneath. After really digging into these old cars you realise that it's no surprise that they rust. Poor design with seams and drainage points, crap steel and the stingy application of paint/rust proofing! Andrew
  11. Hi guys, just wondering what the original finish was on the underbody of a 77 260z 2+2. Mine is undergoing a rotisserie restoration and I want to get the underbody finish correct! From the digging on my car it would seem as though the process would be: Primer>stone guard>whatever overspray from the painting of the body>bitchumen paint Not sure if that's the way it was done from the factory as my car had had plenty of repairs in the past! Cheers guys, Andrew
  12. I'm down in Melbourne Australia but I do travel up to Wagga NSW every now and then!
  13. Hi guys, I'm after a good condition rear hatch. I don't mind some very minor rust but anything major and I might as well just fix my current one. If it's not either stripped or in original paint (bog free) I'm not overly interested. My current one isn't too bad but I'm just trying to save some time on my build! Cheers!
  14. Hi guys, just wondering what centre caps were originally used on Watanabe wheels. I've managed to get a set of old 15" Wats and I'm wanting to complete the look with genuine centre caps. I know these can be purchased new but I don't particularly want plastic centre caps if they had metal ones back in the day. Also I'm planning to paint my wheels the matte black colour and I was wondering if there are were any matte black centre caps to go with them. ( I could just paint some though) These are the type of centre caps that I believe are period correct (but they're upwards of 500$! and not b
  15. Haha that was me! What I did with my dash repair was cut the cracks out (mine were a fair bit worse than yours with me needing to cut all the way through the dash pad) then expanding foam, then normal body filler then high fill primer and finally a ute bed liner. It cracked after 6 months which I believe was the body filler cracking. I will be interested to see if your flexible body filler works and lasts a decent amount of time. Also your finish with the textured paint and then the matte black vinyl paint was a much much closer finish than my method. The bed liner I used gave it a rubberised
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