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  1. Looking very nice. I have to admit I was expecting to see her half put together. Always good to get the garage finished first, I must get to that myself one day!!!
  2. A quick impromptu Photo shoot Yesterday. Fantastic photos. Thanks to: FOCAL VISION Media, damir8.com, DamirFocal
  3. Would love to but 10 hrs drive each way for me is a little far, especially as I don't have a car trailer or a car that can tow a car trailer. Really does sound like a great event.
  4. The wheels are Watanabe 16 x 8 + 0 offset. Tyres are 205 55 16 Bridgestone RE003.
  5. Just a couple of pics today when I was out for a drive. Over riders and bumper rubbers fitted, front lowered a little bit more. Always working on little bits to improve the car. Enjoy!!!!
  6. I didn't see that coming. I thought it would be touch and go on beating the Franklin mint car!!!!
  7. Any pics to show the ride height?
  8. g'day Aaron, I'm enjoying watching your videos. I'm keen to see how the car goes when it is next on the dyno and glad that you were pleased with the feel of the engine on the road. I'm following a similar path with a stock L24 in my car but I'm a little behind you. I have shoe horned an RB30 CAS into a 240Z distributor and using a Haltech PS500 ECU. Just waiting for the rotor button mount to be machined up before I can fit and begin tuning. Keep at it, I'm looking forward to the next step as that is where I plan to go also. Cheers Jeff.
  9. G'day Jeff https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/st-agnes/auto-body-parts/nissan-s30-fairlady-heater-tap-new-datsun-240z/1192845010 Another option. Cheers Jeff
  10. They look awesome John, very nice work. Enjoy the shed time. Cheers Jeff
  11. Well it has been a long time coming Rudy. Good things come to those who wait. The car looks sensational, you must be over the moon to have achieved this milestone. Now the fun part begins. I look forward to the reassembly. Cheers Jeff
  12. Hi Chris, I have a brand new lynx manifold you can have for $300. Located at Gawler SA. Cheers Jeff
  13. It was a sunny day in Adelaide today so I went for drive in the Hills. Got a couple of pics whilst I was at it.
  14. Another Sunday and another Cars and Coffee event. This was at Cafe Bravo @ Norwood SA. It was a new event, very well organised and there was a great turn out. The event was organised by a facebook group called "Porsche spotting Adelaide" so it had a distinct Porsche influence. I thought it best to take the Datto and keep the Porsche's honest. Had a great time catching up with a few mates and meeting some new people. It was nice to also be presented with an award/prize as well. Enjoy the pics.
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