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  1. It was a sunny day in Adelaide today so I went for drive in the Hills. Got a couple of pics whilst I was at it.
  2. Another Sunday and another Cars and Coffee event. This was at Cafe Bravo @ Norwood SA. It was a new event, very well organised and there was a great turn out. The event was organised by a facebook group called "Porsche spotting Adelaide" so it had a distinct Porsche influence. I thought it best to take the Datto and keep the Porsche's honest. Had a great time catching up with a few mates and meeting some new people. It was nice to also be presented with an award/prize as well. Enjoy the pics.
  3. More info about them here, 24+1 trigger. Check out from 7.50 on the video.
  4. In car camera mounted? No video, it didn't happen.
  5. Hi Dave, I appreciate the input. It is a bit of a contentious issue. You must have more will power than me. Mine is definitely not clean underneath anymore, however I know that by next weekend it will have worn me down and I will be cleaning the underside of the car as well. I have another C&C appointment this weekend so I hope the rain stays away this weekend otherwise I will have to decide if I go or keep her dry (a constant internal battle). I think it will be easier to not take her out in the rain once the novelty of driving her has worn off a bit. Cheers Jeff
  6. Yeah, I was always saying to myself "never gonna drive it in the rain". Then on Sunday I just decided it is there to be driven and went to C & C anyway. Only took me a bout 2hrs to clean her when I got home. Not planning on driving her in the rain to often though.
  7. Cars and Coffee this morning. I just had to park next to the Delorean.
  8. Quick update, I got my new Nardi steering wheel fitted and a new key ring. Nice Birthday presents I reckon. Cheers Jeff
  9. Wow, nice donk dude!!!! Oh and nice colour as well. Not long now. Cheers Jeff
  10. Nice job, looks great, I do like stripes on Zeds!!!! Time to enjoy!!!!
  11. Looking the goods John!!!!
  12. Thanks all for the kind words. I'm really happy with the stance of the car now, not overly aggressive and the control arms are pretty much level so not bad for bump steer. I took her for a quick spin to Mallala Motorsport park this afternoon to check out a car practice day. I was very happy with the ride quality and she tracked pretty well considering I have only done an eyeball wheel alignment, I will get a proper wheel alignment soon. The engine runs well and pulled nicely to 6500 ish. All in all very happy with it, always more tinkering to do but I think I have a great starting point. I think she would like a run around the track too but I'm undecided on that point at the moment, time will tell. The sun was giving some nice reflections in the shed late this afternoon and I thought I would grab a pic or two, hard to capture with the phone camera. Cheers Jeff
  13. I finally got around to taking the lift kit out. Looking much better if I do say so myself!!!!
  14. Coming along nicely George. Fantastic attention to detail. Awesome job.
  15. Thanks Jeff. It was a good blend of colours. Yeah the stance is killing me but I'm more interested in having a bit of a drive at the moment than getting the ride height sorted, it won't be too long though.
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