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Found 2 results

  1. I've finally graduated out of the bus brigade (refer my other project, which is now a parts car)! I bought this daily driven car off of Datsfreak. Funny enough I bought his brother's 260Z 2+2 ex-daily too. Small world! It's number 629 which I think is reasonably low for a 240? It is pretty stock apart from the mega cool Rota RBs and exhaust. It did have a full resto in the 90's though (thanks Datsfreak for the car history!). I cleaned it up on the weekend and took some photos with the digi SLR... I haven't even owed the car a week and I already have a formal in November to go to. It seems I've become the 'car guy' of the neighbourhood . There is a few maintanence things that need to be attended too like the charging system is on its way out, new ball joints on the steering arms and attention to the steering column combination switch (sticking indicator cost me a $60 fine for 'failing to indicate'!). Plans include: respray in the same red add the ZG flares that I bought for the 2+2 as well as a BRE style spoiler wider wheels to go under the flares (was thinking simmons FR17s) height adjustable coil-overs (Datsfreak threw in some nice eibach springs, just need a sleeving kit) bigger brakes front and rear (Datsfreak threw in a 15/16 MC) finally build that dang L31 I've been collecting parts for! (I have both F54 and N42 blocks now, N42 courteous of Datsfreak) speedhut gauge faces (because I can barely read the stock gauges as is! ) fixed back seats and ADR 4 point harnesses half cage (way down the track!) suspension work, ie harder bushes, swaybars, etc I would like to take this opportunity to thank Datsfreak for all his help! Good luck with the R33. The end use of this car will be mainly Sunday driving and Sunday track driving .
  2. I am chasing a little info on the Kaemari/Harada manifold verses Jenvey Manifolds. Currently building a L28 F54 Stroker (88.5mm bore and 83mm V07 Crank). I have a 39mm port size on the N42 head and I am going to use the Tapered 52/50/48 ITB's from EFI Hardware with a Haltech Elite 750 (unconfirmed). Most likely when I get the Inlet Manifold I will finish off the port size to match them for even flow.. The inlet manifold and head will get flow tested to ensure even CFM per cylinder. A custom tuned length set of Headers will be built by a good friend who is a race engineer. This engine should conservatively put around 220 to 230 RWH as I am keeping it relatively mild ie its not one of LCR's Ferrari Engines. Kaemari/Harada manifolds come in both small port and big port versions. The Jenvey Manifolds have a large port, 50mm at the Inlet and 40mm at the head. Does anyone know what the port sizes of both versions of the Kaemari/Harada are? I Haven't seen one in the flesh as yet to measure them. I can buy the Jenvey direct for the UK but they are not cheap at around $750+ plus shipping and they are a big investment. I think the Kamera/Harada are a little cheaper, what is the best way to obtain them and how much? Any help from the L series boffins will be appreciated.
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