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  1. Hopefully it will be open by then!!!
  2. Hi Millerman - Keep a look out for the bright lime green 260z 2+2 and say Hi
  3. Hi Guys - hope all is going well you and your rides, decided to go to the SA Nationals and give the car 4400km round trip run. Anyone thinking of going from the VIC club?
  5. I had idea to add a graphic to the inside of the bonnet the Z is sort of begging for it really - I took a while to find a image that I liked the grove of, i came pretty close to using a neon city-scape scene from Japan but in the end went with stylized strong Geshia Girl graphic matched the vibe of the car pretty well could always change it out down the line potentially but it was not exactly easy to fit.
  6. Nice Work - Peter - well honed skills at work!
  7. Merry Christmas Zd'errs - Let's hope COVID is on the way out!
  8. Nice Cars Welcome - Good to see some USA variations. Hope the roads are not icy
  9. Just a few Complete photos - Done Now. GOING TO HAVE REST NOW!
  10. At this point I was close to being done. With the Build that is, The WHEELS they are round and roll – Hmmm if you took a look at my Pinterest page I have literally hundreds of inspirational designs and constructions from around the globe I finally went with a Mag wheel I sourced LOCAL from PHAT WHEELS in Kunda Park in QLD it’s a remake of the classic Simmons GOLD Mesh wheels, made by a company called OS FORMULA and distributed by https://www.chrisnealewheels.com.au. Unlike Simmons the are one piece forged construction so hopefully stronger compared to the 2 piece construction of Simmons o
  11. Hope you all had good one
  12. The Louver to fit or not to fit. Well I live in QLD and its Hot and I like the look when they are made out of metal sharp clean edges with clean statin surfaces, that original Lamborghini Countache that had the lovers on top of the guards and above the engine bay and I think a few of Lotus cars - pink panther style had the nice louvers as well this inspired me somewhat. I did consider making one out of the Carbon Fibre but it would be another 100s of hours project and when I did it a bit of costing quite expensive they I would have to build it here. Also had concerns how lon
  13. Hi Pete Thanks again it was pretty neat welding so it kind of makes sense - wonder if thread locker will be enough? I have new ones in now - did a quick 50km today - with the Techno Toy lower control arms and support arms and it feels great at the moment.
  14. Thanks Mate Much appreciate the info
  15. We all pay homage to lead designer of the Z by driving and maintaining our cars today - RIP Yoshihiko Matsuo - condolences to his family and friends.
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