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  1. https://pin.it/6DzlyWV Hi Guys hope all is keeping well - this is a link above to Pinterest page that I have been building for a while. I guess really for it to be functional you have to download the app - Pinterest is a good tool or a way to fritter away time, something you might have while this Covid crisis is on. The page has 2300 or so images of Z cars which might be helpful if looking for ideas or inspiration. Cheers AK
  2. Hold me back - New Matchbox - ZERO to Flick Speed in Seconds
  3. Hi Mate - Beggers can't be choosers to point - Black prefered but I could paint if not, condition as long as it is plausible to get them back into functional good looking condition
  4. Hi Guys - I hope everyone is keeping well - Getting back into the Car Rebuild Need a little Help - Has anyone got some spare Datsun 260z 2+2 Interior Quarter Panels LHS and RHS, my car when I got did not come with unfortunately
  5. Hi Guys - came across this one today - Nice Little Dato Story - New Z Car Hot Weels on the Way - https://www.facebook.com/donutmedia/videos/601493706914990
  6. Yes times are changing without a doubt Good to beat back the rich oil barons who spend money with very little care about the average-joe and play their little stop and go strategies to force the price up of oil. Governments to TAX tyres massively moving forward could be a interesting one with e-cars becoming more in vogue (maybe we should stock up now on tyres) I wonder if tyres will become more expensive just in-time for Christmas?? Apologies for my cynicism. Honda is not far off a working 80% recharge in 15min 250km range - that starting to get more like it. There will be some trade off on the crash stakes as medium knocks to the chassis on e-car will damage the chassis floor plan where the batterys live making it a throw away they say - but with cars driving themselves they may become impossible to crash. Tesla says the next big thing is Electric Jet engines powering transcontinental planes and Vertical Lift planes ruining electric motors - times are really changing fast- if the electric Jet engine comes about commercially that will really will be a change to our dependence on the fire juice. I think its sort of good for the World in general the electric car but they are not super green yet, the batteries and where the power comes from not so green most of the time - but no fumes out the exhaust has to be a step in the right direction. If the electricity got the car without the need for a battery they would be so much better. I like my Z its raw and direct and you got to drive it, tame it, work with it - I not would change for it for a Tesla or any other e car.
  7. AK

    Ak Build

    Hi Guys Its been a while and I have been settling into the new digs in the sunshine coast QLD - life is tuff! But I can tell you the wifes Honey Do list has been TUFF and long and never ending since moving - residential paradise comes at a cost! Anyway work on the Z starts again finding all the parts and opening boxes whats this where does that #$%!! part go? MY GOD my hair should be falling out but no rush - got time now - want to get done pretty right. FRESH CHROME - Finally shoe-horned some 260z badges a lot harder to get hold of than those common 240 badges ha ha ha , The Dato Deck Badge and The Tail Light surrounds all got fresh Chrome. KICK ASS NOW - couldn't face putting on the tarnished ones back into service. $630.00 all up quality of work seems good Chrome Tech Unit 40, 5 Anella Ave Castle Hill NSW 2154 T: 02 9899 9122 F: 02 9899 1622 M: 0412 255 666 E: info@bronzingstudio.com.au & info@chrometech.com.au
  8. AK


  9. They are still the best no-doubt for classic Z
  10. Lots of great input here from everyone - just level of discussion itself is enough to show that the bubble and demand is far from finished. Things like Electric Cars are more likely to shake up the market place - whether that makes fossil fuel burners even more lusted after will be interesting - I would be surprised if the value will slow It likely that 70's classic cars will be the pic because you have performance and bare bones character - I dont really understand the wooden wheel vintage car fascination apart from the historical master piece value, but from a driving point of view it still going to have that motorized horse and buggy feel and look - 80s on wards the refinements start water down the feel raw feel of what the car is and whats its doing and how its doing it ! Its all in the eye of the beholder to a fair degree - but no doubt the 70s Z Cars are Raw, Beautiful, Fun to Drive and have great Balance - That thins the herd a lot. 100k is could be achievable in a healthy economy no doubt and even then it will still be a far better car than some other cars that now sell for more take a look at the localized example of some of Holden Torana's Ford Falcons - Iconic raw cars no doubt but not in the same league as far being a vehicle with real Sporting Looks and Ability.
  11. Hi Ben Nice work if it comes out like the Fugu it will be pretty crazy . Thanks for sharing the build AK
  12. Hi Pete - thanks for the advice at the show - yep it did look a little doge - mine is even lower currently - cheers AK
  13. Hi Dave / Guys - I might see if I can make it down if the wife's honey do list is not to big ! My Dato is not going yet!! but hopefully I will get back to it in a couple of months still settling into the new QLD digs!
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