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  1. Sweet, I did have a look at there site. Thank you for the Info
  2. Nice man. That is something I would consider doing. Did you by any chance drive the car before and after the upgrade ? Was there a big difference if so ? Ohhhhh how I can't wait to RB mine. Nothing like the sound of a RB Is your build finished ? I can't lie I have a lot of questions for you. Where in au are you from Greg I take it Tasmanian?
  3. Hi guys So I will be changing the l26 to a rb25 down the road. I spoke to a engineer today and I know they ain't cheap, but was a little shocked at his prices, just curious if you have changed to a diffent motor and transmission, who you used and what the total cost was involved with the engineer. I am from SA and anyone from SA that can recommend a engineer and any input would be great ? Thanks
  4. Yes they will defiantly need rebuilding I'm cool with that though the day it takes to rebuild them is nothing to the rest of the car. on another topic what motor are you guys running ? Molested car or sock ish ? I spoke to a engineer today about the cost involved, this is the first car I have restored and I know engineers ain't cheap but wow, looking at around $4500 for a motor gear box checked over and passed off, more than I originally thought.
  5. Yeah I will, I honestly just expected someone to say, hey yeah I have thoughs on my z, they are...... Wishful thinking lol. 260DET, do you have a det motor in your 260 ? If so what are you running ?
  6. Hmm, now I have found the manufacture of the calipers I may sand blast them and rebuild them, as I think the will be substantial for the rb25det. I will also be upgrading the rear drums to disks. I'm not sure what master cylinder it was running, as it is gone along with the break booster. So they will be new items latter on. I have a lot of work ahead that's for sure. On another topic I started cutting the floor out today, and nearly have the new pan ready to go in.
  7. More photos. I found the manufacture of the calipers they are ATE, but have never herd of this brand.
  8. Hi guys I have recently gutted the 260z and whist pulling the front suspension off I noticed the front breaks have been upgraded, as the disks are vented for starters and measure approx. 280 dia. The front calipers although they are rusty are 4 piston calipers. The only markings vissable are 155r and 155l. I have googled the shit out of them with no results . I have checked the most common caliper upgrades and none seem to match. Are any of you familiar with this ? I will upload a better image of the caliper tommorrow as it 1130 pm as I right this post. Also added a picture on the rottisery because why not Tia
  9. Hi guys and galls do any of you have a 240/260 Rear quarter panel. I'm restoring my 260 z and the rear quarter is damaged badly. I need the last 300mm of panel towards the tail light, plan to cut and shut the section. Please let me know if you have a wreck o could salvage. Location Adelaide. Thanks in advance. Dale
  10. So do the 260z come with companion flanges or a different type, this topic is something I know very little about, just looking on line and most the 27 teeth style are refurbished ? can you go into a little more detail. Thanks In advanced
  11. Gilltech, from what I understand they ain't the strongest link. I plan to molest the car a little with a rb25det, will be aming for approx 250 rw kw and all the information I have I seen so far states that the original diff and axles are not up for the task ? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Gav. It basicly came from there lol, Victoria to SA unfinished not started project. They did well to get it here I will give them that.
  12. Hi guys. I'm a newb. Just purchased a 1975 260z 2 seater for restoration. Going to have a go at everything my self from mechanical to paint. One topic I can't find any info on. Anyone no of a rear hub from another car that will work on the 260z, basic I want rid of the stub axle and cv style links . I know the r200 diffs fit and I also know about techno garages awesome kit, but surely someone has come up with something custom that works and in au all ready. Thanks and I look forward to many more disscusion. So happy I am now a z owner spent a long time looking for a Z
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