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  1. Peter I bought a VT/VU/VX/VY/VZ Commodore front wiper motor circa 2004 , Turns out the color code is different from what yours is . The colors are Black=N Red=A Blue=A Brown & Green=A=Park Red to active gives slow speed , Red plus Blue to active gives fast speed , Brown plus Green give park position Regards:Alan .
  2. It's the Nissan one Gav .Will send a pic to your phone sometime today . Can drop off at your place if you decide you want it . Regards : Alan .
  3. In good condition , have removed internal breather cover & removed all gunk from same . Re glued breather cover as required . Asking $75 plus pstge or pick up in Earlwood Sydney . .
  4. Whats the possibility to rewire a 2+2 wiper motor so as to work in a {76} 260Z . The 2+2 motor has two common black wires of which one would be for the negative & I'm guessing the other common black wire is for the wiper blades to return to rest position when switched off .
  5. Fixed mine for me & it hasn't missed a beat . Regards : Alan .
  6. Good to hear mate , do you you know of where I might be able to buy some plastic seat mechanism covers at all . Regards : Alan .
  7. G'day Greg , posted them today mate . Regards : Alan .
  8. As per title , noticed that there are variations to where they are secured to the seat mchnsm itself . PS : Can anybody enlighten me on the different securing points types , as this would assist me in buying the correct ones . Regards : Alan .
  9. PM sent Greg. Regards: Alan .
  10. G'day Greg , have a 2nd hand pr in good condition if you are still seeking them . Unfortunately don't have the screws . Regards : Alan.
  11. zeds4ever

    260Z Front Hubs

    Have a pr of 240K units which will fit same, in good cndtn . $50.00 plus pstge . Regards : Alan .
  12. If a 260Z S30 bezel matches can help you out . Also can you post a pic with dimensions so that I may dble check for you . Price : Pstge cost & donation to site . Regards : Alan .
  13. Hi Linton ,thanks for your troubles mate but will go with Gav's offer . I like the raised lettering look . Regards : Alan .
  14. The bottom bolt section allows provision for the column to have slight angle changes , the top section has provision to adjust the angle of the column slightly, these two securing bolts pass thru the dash base & assist in securing/stabilizing the dash itself . Suggest you fit igntn/lock unit prior to bolting up these two top bolts as you can then adjust the column to suit your needs for clearance purposes . Hope this helps . Gavin might best be able to answer if the dash is ok for 240Z fitment . Regards : Alan.
  15. There is also a plug in section under the drivers seat which you can isolate the rear electrics with . That way you can confirm if the fault is in that vicinity or not . Regards : Alan .
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