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  1. Send me a picture when you get a chance Andy. If they are factory belts I will be interested.
  2. Haha you are right I didn’t scroll high enough sorry man. I have seen those belts before used in the US market but a few people I have spoken to said we didn’t get that design here (which sucks as I like that design). Been searching car sales to see if any cars have original belts for a 73 in them. I know they won’t be retractable like my 77 but the search continues but what I have been told they are 3 point like those ones but I think a single clip not click into each other .
  3. Gilltech, I was very keen on those belts you sent but I have been informed we didn’t get that style here so will have to keep searching.
  4. I will have to search into it but they replace the whole webbing and use the original hardware. I would assume the webbing would have to confine to ADRs so that should be ADR tested and tagged.
  5. Hey guys. Unsure how I will go with this search but need a complete set of original belts for a 1973 240z including buckles as well. I will be getting the belts reconditioned so if anybody has a set laying around I am keen to grab them and pay postage. Cheers
  6. Would you consider selling just the parts carb? I have a set of triple 40mm solex carbs and the one thing slowing me down getting them running is one is missing the choke mechanism.
  7. Man it would be a fun project to build. Would take awhile but would be massively rewarding at the end.
  8. Hey guys, does anybody have a spare drivers fender in decent condition? I'm located in Logan but could swing postage for a decent fender. Got no problem going for a drive to grab one either.
  9. I would be interested in a few items but would need postage which sucks.
  10. Man I must be getting old as I have never heard of "perk up" being referred to spewing. It's a lot better than what I thought you meant by it sounding wrong as I had given Gav my address and hoping he "perks up" soon......
  11. Hahaha well the lengths we go to for zed parts buddy.
  12. Hey Gav, I have sent you a pm with postage details. Hope you perk up soon buddy.
  13. The R888 had been discontinued from last check and replaced with the R888R which from memory isn't as good in the wet and more focused on dry conditions. I am looking into the Hankook Ventus RS4 which should be released in the next few months in sizes 195x50x15, 225x45x15 and 245x40x15.
  14. Carbs now back up for sale for the discounted price as it's carbs only now. Also $50 donation to the website from the sale.
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