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  1. Cozza

    Sumitomo mk63

    Sorry i don’t have any mk63’s but I was wondering what the picture is of and is that what you plan on putting the calipers on?
  2. wow, impressive. I bet that was a lot of work, would you mind posting some more pics and info to show what you have done.
  3. Nice Jeff. sad to hear about Rocky. Condolences Mate.
  4. Hi Guys I’m sure I have read a thread on this before but couldn’t find it with a search so.... I am looking at transporting a couple cars from Rockhampton to Sydney. (A Datsun 1000 and a Morris 1100) The cars haven’t run for a while and I’m not confident the brakes are working, so looking at ‘non runners’ I have got some quotes online with the big companies that appear with a google search, but they are quite pricey at almost $2k per car. I wonder if anyone on this forum might be able to recommend a company that may be a little cheaper or that you have used. any advice is appreciated. Cheers
  5. Sounds awesome and looks like bags of fun!! You must be stoked Gordo Were there any Porkas that could keep you honest on the day? it looks like some were quick but not as confident through the corners.
  6. Hey Rudy I somehow got linked to Thai video and it made me think of your recent video. you can see in this vid how little adjustment is made with each hand brake activation. So its prolly best to do the majority of adjustment manually and only rely on the handbrake auto adjusters to maintain the adjustment. Keep up the good work Mate. cheers mick http://www.youtube.com/shorts/CU-sI0B-III
  7. Cool, thanks for looking into it. will wait and see if the update sorts things out. cheers
  8. Hi Gav when viewing unread posts and clicking on the most recent post of a thread, I am taken to that most recent post but, iirc previously it would take you to the most recent post in that thread that I have not read. This way you wouldn’t miss or have to scroll back to find where you were up to in the thread. is it just me or is this something new? i hope that makes sense. mick
  9. Hi Adam i think the Z’s came out with a 3N71 Jatco 3 speed. pretty sure the 4 cylinder L series used the Borg Warner 35. I’m not sure about the other L6’s though. If you’re after a BW35 for a 4 cylinder, drop me a pm. I have 1 from a 1600 stashed away in the shed
  10. Yeah I got a few sets. in the Cronulla area. Drop me a pm with your number and I’ll forward you some pics mick
  11. Agree with Linton. id stay quiet and see if your car passes before asking any questions.
  12. I also have the enkei compe’s although in 15x7 0 offset with standard struts running 205/50’s with no problem. I can get up to 3.5’ caster And -3’ camber comfortably with no guard alterations, they work great! they can be a bit of a pain to clean the brake dust out though.
  13. Your engine bay looks great Jeff, well done. whats the sensor in your strut brace?Intake Air Temp?
  14. Hey congrats Gav, while shed time gets few and far between, it makes the time you do get more precious and, I’ve found the kids enjoy being there with me. enjoy your time with the young fella, it’s magical Mate. high five to the Mrs, she deserves it!
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