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  1. Hi re the emergency key hole. It usually in the drivers handle. Not hidden but just not noticeable. This image is a LC200
  2. Hi Iridium plugs are all about longer life. Changing plugs in some modern cars can take a few hours. As an example, the BRZ/86 requires you to loosen engine mounts in order to have the plugs clear the chassis rails. Cheers PB
  3. Hi That is exactly what Andy is looking for. It actually for my old bus which Andy purchased recently. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers PB
  4. Hi Andy I am not sure that this core will suit your car. The hard lines are different, the 260 one has a long tail. It may well possible to make it fit, but I don’t believe it is a straight fit. Cheers PB
  5. Hi Kings Lowered all round, with 2 seater strut hats on the rear Wheels are 15" Cheers PB
  6. The Bus is now in Melbourne (Cheltenham area) with Vic plates and has had a good clean. The new owner, Andrew, is taking great care of her Cheers
  7. No worries Gav, appreciate all you do, this forum made my Z experience possible. Donation made. (PS : I have pinned this post )
  8. That seems amazingly cheap for a low numbered car. I would imagine there are all kinds of issues hiding under that paint,
  9. Hi Gav It is mixed emotions for me, but the reality is that in the last 12 months I have put less than 100kms on it. The new project ? I really don't know, I have a few thoughts, and they all have 4 wheels. Cheers PB
  10. Hi The bus has sold, and is actually returning to Melb. Now on to the next project. Cheers PB
  11. Hi Bridge the wires for starter interlock, these are among a group of 4 bullet connectors in the engine bay near the firewall on the right hand side sort if below the clutch master cylinder (2 are kickdown & 2 two are interlock) in my car the starter interlock were Black with a Yellow trace. The kickdown wires can be left as is. Cheers PB
  12. I have been camping at Mt. Panorama for over 20 years and can assure that it often has “four seasons in one day”
  13. Thanks Gav. The decision to sell was not an easy one to make, but I built the car to be driven and I just haven’t been using it due to work and other commitments. Yes it is a car that you can just jump in and enjoy the drive - I will miss it. Cheers PB
  14. Hi Gav That looks so much better, amazing what some elbow grease can do. FYI some of the oil leaks may sort themselves out (temporarily) once all the seals get lubricated again. Cheers PB
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