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  1. Hi Bridge the wires for starter interlock, these are among a group of 4 bullet connectors in the engine bay near the firewall on the right hand side sort if below the clutch master cylinder (2 are kickdown & 2 two are interlock) in my car the starter interlock were Black with a Yellow trace. The kickdown wires can be left as is. Cheers PB
  2. I have been camping at Mt. Panorama for over 20 years and can assure that it often has “four seasons in one day”
  3. Thanks Gav. The decision to sell was not an easy one to make, but I built the car to be driven and I just haven’t been using it due to work and other commitments. Yes it is a car that you can just jump in and enjoy the drive - I will miss it. Cheers PB
  4. Hi Gav That looks so much better, amazing what some elbow grease can do. FYI some of the oil leaks may sort themselves out (temporarily) once all the seals get lubricated again. Cheers PB
  5. Model: 260Z 2+2 Location: Sydney North Price : $23,500 Item Condition: Excellent Body: All rust removed and painted by Lurch at Classic Auto Fabrications Mechanical: Running L28E + 5speed (280zx) and R180 (3.9) Registration: Registered in NSW with the L28 I have decided it is time to sell my Bus. It is ’77 260 2+2 with the running gear from a ‘81 280ZX in it. I built this car to be long distance tourer and as such it has A/C (with Kia fan), Recaro seats, Replica Compe wheel, H4 headlamps (upgraded wiring) and all the gauges work, yes even the clock, twin thermo fans . When installing the L28E I used genuine 280Z (USA) parts so this is effectively a RHD 280Z and looks 100% factory. The build thread tells the story https://www.viczcar.com/forums/topic/9447-pb’s-77-260z-22-rebuild/ (Some of the early photo links are broken, I can supply detailed photos on request) Very reliable, has done a couple of Melbourne and Tamworth return trips and never missed a beat. This is not a show car and was never intended to be. I drive it in the rain and in traffic. The not so good: Needs a dash reskin, has a small paint defect near the hatch (about the size of 5c piece), the back seat top is stuffed (I have it covered with a black towel) & the stereo not connected, just couldn’t bring myself to cut the door trims. Will come with the original engine, a set of 260Z alloys with new tyres and some spares. Contact Details: PM or 0418 two hundred eight nine five Advertising on here for a week or two before going to other sites/
  6. Locked, Additional comments are adding no value to this thread. It has become “he said - she said” cheers PB
  7. Awzome purchase. Lots of fun just waiting to be had. Cheers PB
  8. Hi Not sure, but it was the location on the original motor in my '77 Bus. There are certainly tidier places to put it, and I have been tempted to relocate it to somewhere less visible. Cheers PB
  9. Hi I am going to have to give this a miss, real shame even got the old bus looking all shiny. We have a family event that I just can't avoid. Have a great drive - Don't forget that the HWP are having a blitz on drivers and riders the Nasho at the moment Cheers PB
  10. Very nice - I have serious “Shed Envy”
  11. Hi Alex, Welcome aboard. Nothing wrong with preferring the 2+2, there are a few of us who prefer the Bus. With a little luck she won’t be too hard to get started, they are indeed an engine that seems to recover from hibernation well. You should be able to find all the info you need on these pages - if you can’t find what you need just ask. Cheers PB
  12. Hi Ordered some parts for Subaru Brumby I working on and got a surprise when I saw brand that arrived. @Cozza started a new business ?
  13. Great Idea - Pinned Hopefully will be able to make it Cheers PB
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