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  1. Will pick it up on behalf of CAF tomorrow Cheers PB
  2. Hi Yes, it requires specialist equipment to “gas up” the A/C. Most older systems are not compatible with modern A/c gasses. Recomendation ? Not sure where you are located but Barrie Auto Elec in Hornsby is great and has worked on a few Z’s Cheers PB
  3. Hi Rudi Are you running 2+2 spring hats in the rear ? The rears for the 2+2 are about an inch taller than fronts or 2 seater rears. I changed to standard ones - made all the difference. Just a though PB
  4. Hi Pete Congratulations good things take time. Getting the body & chassis back together is huge step in the long restoration process. Cheers PB
  5. Welcome Ben Looks like a good base to work off. Glad to hear you are getting help from the forum members, that is what this is all about -Donations are always greatly appreciated and can be made via the paypal link or sending a PM to @gav240z. Cheers PB
  6. as others have suggested don't go looking for problems. From my experience with private inspectors, albeit in NSW, most inspectors will be looking for things that look out place or missing. Just make sure that there no visible blanked hoses and all vacuum line points have a hose connected to them, even if that hose just disappears into the engine bay and is blocked Cheers PB
  7. I have just have the one of Supercheap Auto ones, have used to hold a complete L28, including manifolds. Never had a problem with it Cheers PB
  8. Hi No, didn’t do a diagram and as I hav sold the car can’ get you any pictures either. Sorry Cheers
  9. I too have a set of JIS screwdrivers - they are an absolute game changer when working on japanese carbies the alike. Cheers PB
  10. Congrats Gav & Maria Life will never be the same again, it will be so much better. Parenthood is an amazing experience. Cheers PB
  11. Hi re the emergency key hole. It usually in the drivers handle. Not hidden but just not noticeable. This image is a LC200
  12. Hi Iridium plugs are all about longer life. Changing plugs in some modern cars can take a few hours. As an example, the BRZ/86 requires you to loosen engine mounts in order to have the plugs clear the chassis rails. Cheers PB
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