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  1. Paul Berry My tag is an adaption from my name when Frank Christo saw me doing some serious damage to metal in his workshop at BP Castlereagh Rd, Penrith - Paulo Barberious. I navigated for Glenn Nichols and Kevin Muller in assortment of VW's (1302S) and Datsuns (Christo's old 1200 Coupe), hunted the nigh air at the Castlereagh Forest and beyond.
  2. George still has his green 240Z - the reason I have mine calls back the time when he was blitzing at motor khanas and was so inspired by it's performance- and son Matthew was involved in events such as the East Coast Classic in the late1900's/early 2000.(I'm sure that Carlos Casmiri of Sports Classic Castlereagh has his contact details.) After George and Judy, Frank Chistensen was El Presidento, and the like of Eric Vigor, Trevor Fear, Mick King (HDCC) and Mal Longmore kept my interest sharp. I am a regular official at AMSAG events and have formed my 240Z around the club cars of that era, but only to look at, not competing (damn... but that's another story). Still have the navigation maps and remember Wheel Barrow Hill as a favourite spot. Best regards
  3. Metal cased (not plastic, but they were great also), Halda with low use - complete your 240/260Z from the time that Datsuns OWNED rallies, be apart of history, not a part of a car park assembly. Yes, I mapped the nights and worked out directions with the Datsun Drivers Club competing in the (NSW) Series Seven clubs, and the Halda was in front of me as a navigator - such was the expectation to purchase maps and Halda's, pay my way, to have a really great time. Still remember Elong Elong and the ladies that provided dinner at the local hall. Still remember Colin Bond in the XU1's in the Ulladulla forests, doing amazing driving from my control point. This Halda is a point of reference and a part of what we ascribe too. It is part of the history of Datsuns. Cost $2700. No arguments, fluff or e net opinions about what is on offer or who I am. Straight down the line, plus postage. Comes with T piece, cable. Being slightly unique, it has a light pod mounted above the (2) odometers measured in 100th of a mile. Over to you. Offer ends 30 May 2018. Paulo
  4. I'd suggest 2.5 psi to start with, the carbs are old and over pressure of fuel may/will cause issues with seals.
  5. By the way, fuel tank issues should be expected, and if it is like the example Mk 7 seen recently, beware of the battery position, and isolation of electric wiring to rear.
  6. Minilites/ lookalikes (Speedlite)were produced in South Australia, but the castings were sold to a business in QLD a couple of years ago. I was lucky, got a set of new in box 8 spoke minilites 15x6 gray from Stewart Wilkins Motorsport. I have attempted contact (# advised from original producer SA), no results, but I guess if there is enough interest, they may start producing again. Like your thought pattern Lockey! Good one Pete and all the best.
  7. Hi Peter, re the Volvo wheels, if you go down the path of Volvo/aftermarket wheels, please be aware that there are "early" and "late" wheel dimensions, and some suit Ford to XD. Found out the hard way when restoring a1966 122S Volvo and purchased 5 stud 6x14 rim Globe "Bathurst" style mags. They fitted a P1800 (the Saint car) of 1968 and seller swore they would fit. Being a long term project, I didn't find out 'til much later and the seller had passed on. My lug dimensions are 114.3mm. Just a cautionary tale, and I'm sure you'll have much fun with the restoration. A friend is doing repairs to a Bowell 7 at the moment and another is rebuilding a Nagari.
  8. My 260z crank pulley has a 5-6 mm movement (nut correctly tensioned) on the inner of the two pulley's, where I have the belt running through for fan/alternator. The outer pulley runs true. This is a mostly standard engine, so no need for anything special - any assistance greatly appreciated.
  9. Interested also. Dellortos are my favourite carbs. Please send details of chokes, auxiliaries , air correction, mains and pump size.
  10. Hi Alan, I take it that these are both 30mm lower (front and rear) - do they need to be wired into the seats? Any assistance appreaciated !
  11. Hi all, I was going through my "How to tune Datsun" book, made mention of several needles/sizes and numbers appearing on the top most section where the grub screw holds it in place. Neither carb (round top 240type) had a number, so went through the process of measuring at intervals (as per the table in the manual) and nothing matched - way leaner than specified. My question, seeing as these are Datsun products, is it worth contacting SU England for a new set, or Nissan or was there someone out there long, long ago that was fiddling with alternate needles? My original fuel return 1600SSS carbs have the correct numbers, so I know something must be wrong with my set up. Any help appreciated - I don't want to machine down the needles, just want an original set for tuning the engine.
  12. Hey Alan, Hope all is well up at Winmalee and the fires - my mate has lost his house just up the road from you, so let me know if you require any assistance.
  13. FYI Sydney Datsun Club is having their third annual show shine and swap meet at Prospect (Western Sydney) on Sunday 4/Nov/2012 - delay the return trip?
  14. A great read Graham - you are a certified datophile! Your comments about falling for the zed so many years ago certainly rings true for many of us on the forum. Well done and have fun!
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