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  1. LLN260Z


    Bump! Price drop $15000
  2. LLN260Z


    https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/craigieburn/cars-vans-utes/datsun-260z-2-2-1977-5spd-manual-l28/1208846362 Pictures are here. Having a hard time loading it on to this.
  3. Is CC meant to be ACC? I think left fuse link is ACC IGN Right fuse is Headlights IGN
  4. I was aware of negative switching and did try multiple wiring methods. The main issue was the lights turning on but high beams not turning once they turn on. Thats when I started pulling my hair out. Also the initial wiring diagram i posted was supplied by the guy I bought the headlights off, he said suzuki and toyota sometimes use left loom for low beam and right loom for high beam. So ignore that in full. Started the car today turned the lights on, did not notice a huge drop in voltage like before, so pleased with that and much more light now.
  5. There were multiple issues which is hard to explain. When using a standard h4 globe, it did work similar to initial wiring diagram, but somewhere down the line, there was current going through the high beam indicator light. Made us trace each wire from the stalk and see the neg and positive. With how mine was wired, it worked for the LED headlights. Initially I did have the low and the high wire on light swapped, but then it wouldn't make sense with the indicator light turning on for low beams and vice versa. We think the relay for the "pass" high beam was holding the high beam relay stopping it from turning off. It was just 5 hours of checking each wire if its negative or positive and ended up with this result. Only a guide for people with a 1977 260z 2+2 as I couldn't find much help in my case.
  6. The wiring that worked for me. A guide if someone else gets stuck.
  7. Hi GongZ, Thank you for that, I will rip out the wiring and just check the output of each socket with a multimeter. This was the second wiring method I tried using only one headlight socket. Same symptoms occurred so time to each one at a time.
  8. Hey guys. I bought led headlights and also doing two relay method since plug in wont work. I have a 77 260z 2+2 and my low beams work as normal operation, but when i turn my highbeams on, they turn on but do not turn off when i trigger off with the highbeam switch. My low beam relay is connected with passenger side loom and high beam is driver side. Added a photo of how I have wired it up. I suspect a ground issue and not sure exactly where. looked at soo many wiring diagrams and read forum pages but I dont think they are aimed at LED. Just not sure why my high beam relay wont turn off when it can turn on from inside.
  9. Need to buy an oil pressure sender for L28 to work with 260z oil pressure gauge. Gauge increases past the first line when start but does not read correctly. There seem to be "switches" rather than senders for these.
  10. Hi Jeff, With the 260z it came with an electric fuel pump and mech fuel pump. Next to the tank, of the fuel filler side is where the pump is mounted. I don't know if your 240z has an electric pump, but you could get the brackets of a 260z and work your magic as you always do. I can send you pics if you want. Thanks Lahiru
  11. OO yes, thank you. My bad for not using the search function on this.
  12. Hey guys, Going to Japan in a week. Wondering if you guys know any shops I can go to admire and splurge for Datsun/Nissan stuff? I will be going to Upgarage in Osaka but that will be a similar store to Autobarn. List of places to go to will be great. Staying in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. Thank you
  13. Thank you Yea for a 3-5psi I wouldn't think a FPR is required. My holley pumps out 7-9psi so fpr to keep it below 4psi. If possible can you PM me a video of the noise and perhaps some photos of the install?
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