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  1. Chasing the Window corner trims for the front and rear window rubbers if any has some as I’m missing one from the front and rear but another set would be good. Would prefer second hand so it half matches my weathered striping and not buy new ones if possible cheers Matty
  2. they could have been a hell of a lot worse but!
  3. Looking for a rust repair section for under the battery tray. Mines rusted out but the previous owner slapped fibreglass and bog over it to cover it up. Looked through the suppliers of replacement panels but can’t seem to find anything for the RHD cars. Don’t need the battery tray it’s self as I’ll be doing a battery relocation. even if some one has a parts car they are cutting up I’ll be interested in that section if it’s in good nick too. Other wise I’ll have to make one from scratch Cheers Matty
  4. On episode 5 of rust hunters we find some more bog on bog hiding some mint repairs Started digging around today for more problem spots on the Datsuns body work. Both bottom sill panel panels had some nice rust repairs in the bottom dog legs that was covered with generous amounts of bog. Bout 5-8mm thick if not more in some places. The drivers side has probably one of better looking repairs on the front of the sill near the inner guard. The previous repairs will need cutting out and replacing as well as some slide hammer action to pull out some off the warped paneling around the repairs. Moving on to each of the rear wheel arches only a small hole was found. The rear arches are in mint condition other wise, so no bolt on flares either cause everyone has them for those playing at home. Working my way down to the sides where the rear bumper mounts sone minor rust is working it’s way through from the inner boot floor section. A little bit of cutting, rust converter, weld through primer and some new tin and it will be sorted. The passenger side rear above the tail light has a slight dent and a bit of a hole that looks like it was an attempted repair but was just filled with bog as an easy fix.
  5. Previously on The Zed sheds Rust hunters we had the rotisserie show up bolted up ready to go but needing the mounts to be fabbed to joint both car and rotisserie. This evening Me and Adz got the Zed on the rotisserie and the running gear removed. Through the week I fabbed the necessary mounts needed to bolt up to the zed’s factory tow point mounts so we could get it up and on the rotisserie. Balancing and height adjustment is much easier and effortlessly to do than other rotisserie’s I’ve seen on the market. The rotation it’s self is smooth and easy. As the photos show it’s at a much more manageable working height for the floor pans and any other work that I need to carry out, but more so I can roll the Zed in any position that I need to work on.
  6. Christmas came early for The Zed Shed today with my brand new rotisserie showing up from Melbourne. Should make tackling the floor pans, extended chassis rails and anything else to do that much easier than trying to have the car on jack stands and lying on the ground. Surprisingly it all bolted up together nice and easy. Some actual thought has gone into the design for it also, definitely couldn’t have built something similar for the price it cost! The rotisserie came with universal mounts that don’t really work for the datsun but will work for other cars or possible future projects. Some brain storming between me and Adz, we figured out what was need to make mounts to bolt the Zed up to the rotisserie. we hopefully have the old girl bolted up and on the rotisserie over the weekend ready to get stuck into her!
  7. On episode 2 of rust hunters the Datsun gets its holes filled and it’s front end fiddled with. The front radiator support had seen better days with the signs of the previous accident and a dodgiest repair even drunk me could do better. So it got removed and a few potential rust issues sorted before they got worse and the new one made from scratch when in. Fair to say a few hours in measuring, drawing up, re-measuring and idea changes later I transferred it to some metal and set about making it to suit my needs for future mods. Thanks to my mate Micky for letting me use his folder and dimple dies to get stuff done on the support that I couldn’t do at the my shed. In between waiting for days off I had also started do fill in any holes and loom mounts not needed in the engine bay and fire wall. I’m still yet to sort the radiator mounts to the support but I may be able to modify the mounts on the radiator it’s self as well as the corner gussets to tie the support back to the body.
  8. Thanks Rob makes two of us inregards to how the turbo set up will turn out but I think I’ve got it sorted.... in my head anyway now
  9. Yeah I thought I might better use the P90 and make my life hard doing a turbo set up for it. Hahaha
  10. its been a long time since my last post/update and a rough last year..... but ive got the time and motivation back to get stuck into the zed and push other projects back/away. back when i had the head gasket issue i had just planned to freshen up the motor and fit the P90 head with the triple 45 webers, well that's drastically changed. it started with the idea of replacing the floor pans as i had previously done temp repairs to the floors but they weren't the best i just wanted to stop my foot going through them or something coming up through the holes. with the floor pans i was never fond of the factory half rails that run under the floor pans so extended rails it is. Then i thought well the rad support had a previous repair done to it (read low areas filled with bog)and the infill sheet along with it was bent and not 100%, maybe ill replace that as well to suit the future motor build (ill get to that later) with still keeping with the engine bay area all unnecessary holes and mounting tabs would be removed and tidied up along with the firewall.... Then from the fire wall onwards into the cab i thought if any rust would be hiding in underneath the top of the firewall near the cowl area. yep mild rust starting to appear under the seal sealer add that to the list of things to do. then not stopping there the glass was removed so i could check out what may be hiding under the rubbers. the front windscreen channels them selves are fine but where the piller mounts to the cowl its got a small bit of rust and a previous repair on both sides but not as bad as i though. upon inspecting the hatch it was mild surface rust in the glass channel and nothing to worry about. i found another previous repair on the slam panel for the hatch but it too is salvageable and not a big worry. lastly i have the small bubble of rust about the size of a 10c coin on the rear 1/4 where the bumper mounts. so lets break this down into bullet points of things i want to do... -replace floor pans with extend rails (involves making my own extended rails) -fab/ fit new rad support to suit motor set up -repair rusted/previous repaired areas -relocate wiring loom to the inside of the guards, this involves relocation and upgrading the fuse box along with new wiring from head to toe -place an order for every rubber grommet and seal needed on the car (surprisingly the list aint that big haha) -fit vintage air unit #506101 gen II heater with defrost (will use the skillard control panel they do for this also) -fit bride lowmax seats using the 260z rails -fab up alloy centre console -source carpet kit -turbo L motor set up (hours of custom work involved here) -r200 conversion and rear disc brakes -few items from the T3 or apex engineering cataloug -repspray, means ill have to decide on a colour -and lastly order rotisserie But yeah thats the jist of things to do plus plenty more little things here and there that i didnt mention im sure i had a list in the shed that was a double sided a4 page of things to do! below are a few pictures of the problem areas that need attention and of the new seats. all i can say is im lucky i have the extra room with a new shed ever since my partner brought a house with a shed big enough (for now hah) to fit my stuff and still work on cars. i may have also taken over the spare room with parts ive pulled off the datsun from interior trim to glass and seats. I've got her stripped down to a stage where some stuff can start or has started being done before i need the rotisserie like the engine bay and removing the seat mounts. Fingers crossed in the coming months there will be updated progress reports! Cheers Matty
  11. Ah Roger. My lower rad support is fine surprisingly it’s more so the top and the infill sheet the radiator bolts too is my main concern. I might need to suss out my mates older 2+2 to see if there is any differences. If I have to re make one I guess I can just thought I’d try my luck first as I’ll be doing extend floor rails to suit at a later date as well.
  12. It would be the early 260z ones I’m chasing being a ‘74. Is that for the bumper it’s self you’re talking about or the rad support??
  13. That would great if you PM me the details Cheers Matty
  14. I'm on the hunt for a another front bar if any one in around brissy has one for sale in fair condition? ill be cleaning it up and it will get painted so the finish isn't crucial. mine is bent and its starting to annoy me enough to replace it. dont really want to buy a new one if i dont need to Also anyone have any updated suppliers for the Rad support and the infill sheet that goes along with it?? the bottom is fine but the top appears to have been "repaired" and filled with bog and the in fill sheet that goes with it is also bent and distorted. i did see that nat0 was doing some a while back but the posts look to have gone quite. any pointers on a supplier would be appreciated. Cheers Matty
  15. http://www.welding.com.au/safety/view/wia-blue-helmet good value for money and has a battery you can replace. im on my second helmet currently (second in 10 years) but being a boily it gets it fair share of work.
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