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  1. Hi All! I am about to get my exhaust replaced to suit my reconditioned engine and new headers. My engine is a refreshed L26 with a mild cam and twin 240z SUs. I want to know what to specify for my exhaust system to get a great sounding exhaust note when I open it up that won't drive me nuts by droning all the time. I have read a few old threads (links below), googled around and I have come to the following understanding that will be the basis for my new exhaust: • 2.25" is the best size for a slightly modified L26 • A straight through muffler (AKA resonator) should be pla
  2. Hey all, I'm Looking to upgrade my 260s radiator and like everyone I've noticed the aluminum ones on eBay. Can anyone who has one make some comments on their performance and maybe clarify the different ones that are available (2 and 3 core radiators have the same pic on the eBay ads)? I found this one thread where they have one good review, hoping to add to that before I make the purchase. http://www.viczcar.com/forum/index.php/topic,7342.msg68952.html#msg68952 Cheers! Steve
  3. Hey everyone, I've been researching the various engine heads available to us and thought I'd make a sticky on the topic. I should mention that all of this information I have collected is second hand from forums and websites and there may be one or two errors. Here is a useful graph pulled from HybridZ that compares flow rates on various heads: E30 The E30 is the head from the L24 off a 240k/C210 Skyline and also the Japanese Fairlady 2.0L L6. It is often asked if it is worth using in a Z because of its ability to generate a high compression ratio. Popular opinion is that the E30 stoc
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    There really is a new generation of Z owners, all of the above are younger than 25. From right to left: nedloh, Mike, Me, mrp(Pete), and evan.
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    what a piece of crap ;-)
  6. A very commonly asked question on this forum is where to get various front air dams in Australia, how much they cost (prices have changed over the years, so these may no longer be accurate), etc etc. I thought I would write up a nice comprehensive post to sticky on the topic. Thanks to everyone who has posted pics for me to apprehend I'm going to list the various types with a picture to allow people to see the variety that is available, and also mention where they can be purchased. American site Motor Sport Auto (MSA) have a lot more types than what is listed below, but shipping may be proh
  7. Hey Guys, Well I have acquired a pair of the SU type (240z) carbs that I have been told were working when taken off a 240z about 3-4 years ago. Since I currently have a working pair of Flat Top (260z) on my L26 I was going to turn the SUs into a project and clean and refit them. I figure I can learn a fair bit about carbys by doing so and will still have a car to drive in the mean time. Basically I need to know where I can get my hands on a kit with gaskets and any other parts that would normally be replaced when refitting carbys. I have disassembled one and it all seems to be
  8. Hey guys, Got a quote from Lee Brothers Auto Upholstery in Albion (Brisbane) to redo both of the original seats in black velour. They quoted me approx $350 per seat, so about $700 all up. They also said they would fix the packing in the drivers seat so its more comfortable, the lower back part seems to be a flatter than it should. I was wondering if anyone has experience having velour instead of vinyl seats and whether it still looks good? I know that vinyl heats up and that's the reason I was avoiding it. I was also thinking about getting a red outline around the edges of the
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