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  1. Great drive boys. Wish I could make them more often.
  2. Might see if I can come tag along in the Z
  3. This is on behalf of everyone!
  4. Haven't been on the forum for a bit, but haven't missed one of these yet.
  5. So it's official now it's had a bath and pics taken....... Here's a link to the gumtree ad......... https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/mooroolbark/cars-vans-utes/jdm-datsun-280z-fairlady-2-seater-s130-280zx/1223460999 This is a great car, just doesn't get used. Been toying for years to sell or to keep......
  6. My weekends are full of kids football at the moment.............
  7. Dad is bringing this to the NDSOC Xmas in July tomorrow for anyone interested in having a look.
  8. Daughter might have a basketball tournament. If not, will see if I can make it.
  9. I've put it on Downunder Datsuns already. When I get time to get some good pics, I'll do some official advertising.
  10. Had a chat with dad last night....... And decided to follow through this time and sell this beast. Mainly due to this one simple fact. Since withdrawing previous sale. The car just doesn't get used and enjoyed. So looking for $35k. Spread the word fella's
  11. luvemfast

    No caption

    This is now at my dad's house and will be for sale soon.
  12. 26 years off the road........... Pissed off about losing 2 hours! Good to see you back at it again John
  13. What an offer..... I'll do $100 each and pick up
  14. luvemfast

    2018 VicZed BBQ

    Does that mean you're not bringing the Z? On the up side if it's wet, no dusty road on the way in
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