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  1. Holy thread revival........... I sold this car to a guy in Qld who is taking it to another level. Where he sent it to Perth to create a new bodykit from scratch. If anyone's interested, he runs a JDM parts company called Hypernight. You can check out his gear https://hypernightracing.com/ And maybe updates on the S130Z on his facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/HyperNightRacing
  2. It was rumored that 2 were imported for Nissan Australia execs back in the day....... My guess would be closer to 10 than 20 in the country.
  3. Sold!!!!!! Car has been sent on a truck to Queensland.
  4. On another note Gav, how do I change the pic in the link of my signature from my Pacer to the Z? I've put the link in and it defaults to this pic. Edit- Changed it to a text link
  5. What? And be original, like the rest of you Considering my lack of involvement here over the last few years, there's probably some guys who've never even seen this build thread before.......
  6. Wow.... Can't believe it's been so long since I've updated this build thread. i know I haven't really been here much, I stick my head in from time to time. Life has been busy, to the point that my Z just doesn't get used. Which is why I have sold it! Sad but true. It's going to Queensland later this week. the saddest part of all is that I won't get to drive it again, mainly due to this pandemic. Been great to make some new friends, meet new people, go on some drives and learn a bunch. So this build thread has come to a slow death. But the car itself may find itself back, with a younger, obviously much less attractive and maybe even less interesting owner. Ah yes, the forum Emoji. It's been too long my friend! Anyway. I'll still see some of you guys around the place and will pop in now and then.
  7. Great drive boys. Wish I could make them more often.
  8. Might see if I can come tag along in the Z
  9. This is on behalf of everyone!
  10. Haven't been on the forum for a bit, but haven't missed one of these yet.
  11. So it's official now it's had a bath and pics taken....... Here's a link to the gumtree ad......... https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/mooroolbark/cars-vans-utes/jdm-datsun-280z-fairlady-2-seater-s130-280zx/1223460999 This is a great car, just doesn't get used. Been toying for years to sell or to keep......
  12. My weekends are full of kids football at the moment.............
  13. Dad is bringing this to the NDSOC Xmas in July tomorrow for anyone interested in having a look.
  14. Daughter might have a basketball tournament. If not, will see if I can make it.
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