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  1. Can vouch for Dale...his 71 Mustard 240z is very clean! If i hadn't just recently purchased one of these car's i would be buying it!!!
  2. Theres another event like this in September id be interested in. I need to sort safety gear first as i dont have anything. Definitely love to track my zx, see how bad it handles lol
  3. I wouldn't recommend to anyone buying kameari twin idler gears. I had them on my 3.2ltr build, didn't even last 5000ks before it started tearing the chain to pieces.Yes they sound great, but a Waist of $700 in my opinion.....
  4. If you run out of luck like i did, make one out of intercooler tubing!!
  5. Sounds like thermostat is getting stuck. Take it out and drill a second small hole in it. Should help it open!!
  6. Bought mine from Windscreen power in Ballarat for $100 and a two minute drive from home to pick it up.
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