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  1. A belated Happy Birthday. This how the WA crew celebrated the 50' Birthday last Sunday
  2. Its that time of year for the Datsun 240Z/260Z register of WA and Datsuns in the Park show and shine day. Sunday 20th October 2019. 9:30am to 10:30am park up. 2pm exit. Being held along the southern river foreshore of McCallum Park, entry at the end of Taylor street Victoria Park. This year celebrating the 50 year anniversary of the Datsun 240Z. All zed models past and present are invited along with Datsuns of all years. We have Nissan Australia supporting us by displaying a 370Z Nismo and 50' Anniversary Nissan GTR. Coffee van and food truck will be onsite. Please see the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/events/458520211666000/?active_tab=about for updates.
  3. Mine are set up in the bottom holes. Not sure of the travel length, too hard to messure on the engine. When I was testing on the bench though before installing them the accelerator pumps could shoot fuel 6 feet. At what rev range are you bogging down when you floor the throttle? Even mine I cant just give it full aggresive throttle at 2000rpm, I need to wait until closer to 3000rpm. If you dont already have, I strongly suggest an air fuel ratio meter. Otherwise you are only quessing. i now have the pilot jets back to 55 and air corrector jets down to 190. Was running too rich at 100 -110km/h. Need to remember though every engine is slightly different due to compression, cam specs, valve timing, ignition timing, spark plug temp range etc, etc, etc.
  4. WA240Z

    Mikuni pilot jets

    I'm after a set of 6 x 55 pilot jets or 52.5 pilot jets. Before I order from the US thought I would see if anyone had spare jets that they are happy to sell. If so please PM me. Cheers Billy.
  5. Oh very nice. I have so enjoyed this thread of quality workmanship.
  6. With my cut n shut, extended 240Z airbox I also ran the rocker cover vent hose into the backing plate, just like original. The crankcase is run to a catch can with breather on top. After about 3000km there is no oil in either the airbox or catch can. Obviously there will be some oil fumes ending up in the airbox being sucked through the carbs, which is not ideal, but for me I was after a factory look over all out performance.
  7. What a great looking car, well done, enjoy it.
  8. WA240Z


    I have a Nissan Motorsports manifold, even it required a fair amount of port matching on both ends. I am sure all aftermarket manifolds require some port matching.
  9. Very nice looking car, I realy like the 14 inch watanabe and tyre combo, very period. I think you will be happy with the closed chamber e88 and tripple 44 combo on the L24, great fun to drive. Billy.
  10. Hi Gav, When the fuel lines to the mechanical fuel pump are dry it is best to prime the pump. Get a small container of fuel with a short hose for the pump to suck from. Pull the spark plugs out as this will alow the engine to spin much quicker. Once you have fuel into the bowls put the plugs back in and try starting. Once it starts, stop it and connect fuel pump to fuel tank. Also check spark as Cozza suggested. There is really very little that stop these engines from starting with all the original parts. Before all else drain the fuel and put new fuel in. Make sure you use new fuel lines with good quality hose clamps tightened correctly. Dont want to hear about a fire. Check all hose clamps are tight before you start the engine. Oh and one final thing, just incase you havnt checked, make sure you have a rotor button in the distributor. Maybe someone pulled it out as an old fasioned antie theft device and forgot to put it back in. Good luck mate. Billy.
  11. Hi Gav, When I did the cut n shut on mine for the mikunis I got the rubber from Clark Rubber. Found the two profiles that were all but identical. Worth going and having a look mate. By the way, just had the air box off today while doing a service, rubbers are standing up very well. Billy.
  12. If you are after quality 205/60 15 performance tyres I can highly recommend Dunlop Direzza star spec Z1. I have been running these for the past 4-5 years. The 60 series side wall height makes a much better ride quality than 50 series, especially if you have any sort of stiffer suspension. Unfortunatly Dunlop have stopped production of these, August 2017, but Dunlop motorsport distributors have current stock.
  13. G'Day Craig, My late '73 has an Atsugi fuel pump. I have no reason to think it isn't original. As for the coil bracket, your photo in the engine bay, it most certainly looks original enough and looks to be the same as mine. However, I would say coil brackets are one of those items that are likely changed over the years due to the use of different coils, not sure if mine is original. As I said though, from the photo, it looks great.
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