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  1. Yes the compliance plate is there it’s just hard to see because it was painted red with the engine bay.
  2. I’m in Baxter (sort of half way between Frankston and mornington) im not in the Facebook group no. Didn’t know it existed
  3. That’s interesting to know. I know a lot was replaced when the car was rebuilt 10-12 years ago. I have receipts for around 25k in parts and labor and I’m sure there’s lots I don’t have receipts for
  4. Hi guys, After a long search I finally picked up a 260z 2 seater around a month ago. The car is a 1974 build with 01/75 compliance. modifications include a L28 engine with n42 head, bored and stroked to 3ltrs with a mild street cam. 240z 3 screw carburetors, extractors and 2.5 inch exhaust, electronic ignition and a manual conversion with a 71C 5 speed. so far since owning the car it’s had a full once over by the Z shop in Burwood and a set of bumper rubbers installed and just has a few minor things needing to be addressed. At this stage the only plans I have are to return the tail light panel to its factory colour and put the car onto club rego. A bit about myself. I’m a 23 year old university student studying physiotherapy and the Z has been a long time dream for myself that I finally managed to save enough money for (even if it did mean downgrading the daily driver). I’ve always been into cars and I was that annoying 5 year old that could name every car that went past and my love for Japanese cars started around 10 years ago. The shape of the S30 was always a winner for me and while I’m no expert I like to get my hands dirty and learn as I go.
  5. mhombsch

    S30 2 Seater

    I’ve been a member of this forum for over 2 years so have been considering a z for a long time but I’ve finally decided I’ve got to do or I’ll regret it If all goes to plan it will be a car I’ll hand onto forever so I do really want to find the right one but at the same time I’ll have a long time to fix anything that’s needed
  6. mhombsch

    S30 2 Seater

    Yeah I definitely agree And will definitely be going to look at whatever car I decide on before I purchase it
  7. mhombsch

    S30 2 Seater

    That’s when I’d be looking to buy Ideally wanting to get uni done for the year before I sell my current car
  8. mhombsch

    S30 2 Seater

    Gav what are your thought on the condition of the 240?
  9. mhombsch

    S30 2 Seater

    at this stage the more standard the better but would consider modified cars as well
  10. mhombsch

    S30 2 Seater

    have seen these but not really what I'm after in terms of condition. Honestly the closest thing I've found is the green 260 thats on here for sale but a little out of my price range
  11. mhombsch

    S30 2 Seater

    Hey Guys, A S30 has been a long time dream for myself and I'm currently seeking a 2 seater. Im located in Victoria but willing to travel for the right car. Basically I'm looking for something that I can drive and enjoy now without need much if any work but can also slowly do some work on to make it my own. For me this will be car that I will keep forever and will be looking to buy in 6 weeks or so but will be selling my daily (Toyota 86) to fund the car and buying something cheaper to use as a daily. My budget is 30k and I realise this is tight but I also think its realistic so have been looking for a 260 to get one in the condition I'm after. Cheers!
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