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  1. 1975 260z 2 Seat Location: Melbourne Price: $30,000.00 cash or Bank cheque Details: Rebuilt mild race L26 Engine from Robco Engineering. · P30 L26 Block. · 1mm Overbore (2627cc). · New flat top pistons. · Balanced standard rods. · Prepped & balanced standard crank. · New water pump. · Turbo oil pump. · Winged & baffled sump. · BMW Harmonic balancer. · Billet steel flywheel & genuine Nissan 240Z clutch. · Cylinder head has been ported, fully reconditioned with new valves, springs, guides, ULP seats & stem seals. · 74deg works cam. · Full new KP gasket set used throughout. · 10.5:1 Compression Made 124kw on the dyno with triple 45mm Webers (no webers on the car now) Perfect street motor that can also be used for doing club motor-sport events that has done less then 10000kms (5 oil changes since being built). Restored and coated extractors Rebuilt 5 speed gearbox from Rob Z Car. King springs with adjustable shocks (Soft to Hard) Exceedy button clutch New flywheel Drilled and Slotted rotors Rota wheels with great offset (forgot the offset), fills up the wheel Arche and does not rub. Brand new chrome bumper OEM chrome mirrors Restored chrome tail light surrounds Restored fuel tank Rebuilt round top carbs New interior door handles – old ones were weathered 27-Piece Weather strip Kit installed for good seal: · Cowl-to-Hood Seal · Windshield Weatherstrip · Door Weatherstrip, · Door to Fender Seal, LH & RH · Lower Door Seals (on door) (both sides) · Window Channel Weatherstrips, Front, Top, Rear. · Window Channel Weatherstrip, Rear (in door) (both sides) · Upper Corner Seal, LH (in door) · Upper Corner Seal, RH (in door) · Outer Quarter Glass Seal (both sides) · Inner Quarter Glass Seal (both sides) · Rear Window Weatherstrip · Rear Deck Inner Weatherstrip · Rear Deck Outer Top Seal · Rear Deck Outer Side Seals (both sides) Quick Urethane Bushing Kit, for the control arms, sway bars, tension rods, steering rack, and moustache bar and Urethane Transmission Mount Bar Bushings Short Throw Shifter – great for traffic as it removed the long throws. Shift Boot, Inner & Outer I am sure I forgot other bits like naming hoses, break boost cylinders etc. The bad, or bits still to address. Original paint is good from far but far from good – faded and rough with front fenders not colour matched. I bought it like that. Fuel gauge is intermittently working Recently I got a fuel cut 2 times so seems like fuel issue but has not come back, never the less cheap fix. Definitely needs a carb tune to get the most of the engine. Couple of small rust bubbles that have been there since I purchased the car about 4 years ago, these have not progressed at all over time. Diff is ok, I was planning to find an LSD solution so have not replaced but diff is ok. All work has been done by my stepbrother who is a qualified mechanic. To finish the vehicle to what she deserves a respray, new carpet kit and re-upholstery, I would replace the short shifter as the throw is too short for reverse which was the reason I unnecessarily replaced the gearbox with rebuild one after installing the short shifter – it was not the gear box issue but the short shifter kit, easily reversible and cheap to fix. The car is registered on full registration and I drive the Z to the city and back in traffic without issues or a trip to the mountains when weather permits and when I can be bothered pulling her out of dry storage. Car is very nimble, lots of fun and gets loads of positive attention. I did get RWC certificate all of the above mentioned replaced items but wheels are debatable. Car is sold registered. Reason for sale: Since the Z lives in dry storage, I do not get to drive it so it does not make sense to pay full registration and full insurance. My qualified mechanic stepbrother is very unhappy with me for selling this car as he has put in many many hours of effort hence why some small issues not addressed and no RWC as he is not willing to help me sell the car. Need to figure out how to link more photos of the build. I will accept $30,000 - not negotiable Contact Via PM or Zero four zero three four five one eight eight eight
  2. Bump, I have last set available. Will take $300 for it (Plus P&H which should not be much), no need for your cores as I do not plan to restore any more of these.
  3. Bump, I Have one set left of the chrome bezels. Happy to post it on ebay if someone whats extra protection for the sale.
  4. The cars have been sold to a fellow VicZCar lurker.
  5. Here are more pictures. Please note that the black front lip and flares are not included.
  6. Hi Guys, I am looking to sell it as a full pack only. Regards, Tomas
  7. Sold I have two 2+2 for sale as a pack. I will post more photos and detail later but here is a quick summary. A complete car in blue – Had it running about a year ago (was running rough), since then we took off the exhaust and headers and put them on to the 2 seaters. 2 seater headers and exhaust will be included for use in the 2+2. Extension of the exhaust will be required. The previous owner did a lot of work to get the blue one RWC, bushings, suspension, radiator, thermal fans, rubbers, however, there was an issue of some sort with the engine, I did not investigate further. The blue car comes with an additional running engine out of my 2 seater (the only reason I have taken it out is because I have upgraded to a mild race engine). We did a lot of restoration work on this engine and were running like a charm by the end of it. Both engines have the desirable head. Bad points on the blue: Rust in rear right-hand quarter under the bumper, there is likely to be a lot more but the previous owner has resprayed the vehicle and the car has been in storage for about 2 years with me with no further rust showing up. The second 260z is a shell has nearly everything needed to complete the car other than the gearbox and loads of random extra spares, very good shell. Shell has minor rust on the lower radiator support. Other than that is very clean. It was prepared for paint about 4 years ago and has been in storage since. The car will need to be re-prepped. Within a large amount of parts there some standout value parts: New Old Stock Bonnet OEM polished wheels Fibreglass bonnet Second engine that was restored and used as daily Fibreglass rear spoiler Asking price is $7500 – Non-negotiable, please do not try; I think this is an incredible deal as is. The reason for sale, I am running out of room for undercover storage and having to store ugly trailer at my other house and the wife hates it. Cars located in Langwarrin Melbourne South East. Sold
  8. Interested to cruise in with other Zs. Ideally starting somewhere in South East suburbs or Ringwood Super Cheap auto as per the post above. Anybody else keen? My 260z is mechanically ready in every way but not so much aesthetically.
  9. I have just picked up 3 sets of tail light trim bezels. For anyone that appreciates Datsun original chrome parts as much as i do, I have two spare sets of bezels for sale. Price: $299.00 per set Mailed Australia wide with your cores sent to me in exchange. (Your cores cannot have cracks) $399.00 per set Mailed Australia wide with no cores supplied. I must say they have imperfections, (refer to pictures) and for the cost of the Chrome Plating being done by a shop that specializes in concourse restorations of classic car chrome parts i was expecting factory quality without any imperfections at all. If you are after factory bezels please seek New Old Parts. The reason for such high cost is because I had to buy buckets and chemicals to strip the old chrome and the plating - this took along time and the cost of disposal of chemicals was higher than I expected. No shop accepted the surrounds until the old chrome has been removed. After my preparation the plater acid bathed the bezels and only then the plating process started. In the good old US of A these sell for $750 AUD ($575.00 US) shipped to Australia but you have to ship your cores to them which is another $60 AUD. https://www.californiadatsun.com/77-shop/exterior-trim-accessories/320-280z-chrome-tail-light-bezels I am not planning to do another set as it is simply not worth it time wise but i want your cores in exchange as they came off my other Z's.
  10. I have a really good 2+2 shell that was prepped for paint few years ago and been in storage since. Only rust is on radiator support. It would need to be re-prepared for paint as some surface rust is showing, it was never sealed. Also, I have a complete blue 2+2 but it does have rust on rear quarter, and the repaint by the previous owner is terrible, to be honest I do not know what it is hiding but it has been in dry storage for two years with me and couple of years with previous owner so by now all should have shown up. Other than that it would not take much to get blue one on the road. By not much, under $2000 + rust repair of the rear quarter. Both cars sit in storage because i am busy finishing the 2 seater. Message me if you are interested. Cars stored in Langwarrin.
  11. Who ever is looking at this one, make sure it is not the one that has rolled over in its time. It seems very familiar to the one i have inspected . If it is then i would stay away as repairs were not done properly. Also have a look inside the nooks, the welding is shocking with 90 degree steel angles used to for repairs. I may be wrong and it could be a completely different car.
  12. Tempting. Are you coming for a drive to Melbourne anytime soon?
  13. This looks like a great deal. I really like these retro colors, slightly more brown would look amazing.
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