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Found 5 results

  1. Just wondering what people have in there way of trim pieces for a rear hatch of a 2+2 need all trims from the vinyl that covers strut towers, side pieces , and tail light cover panel. live in melbourne and currently in lockdown but happy to pay for postage if need be. thanks
  2. Hi All We now have carpet kits available for both the 240 Coupe and 260 Coupe & 2+2 directly from us. (Set Picture is the coupe set) There were problems with these in the past especially when suppliers were selling out to each others so in order to have these correct and available I went and saw Lindsay at the Z-shop along with couple of owners and fully re-patterned these from scratch to have a fully correct well fitting set. Chat with him if you like he has fitted kits to customer cars. We have made quite a few of these now and everyone is very happy with them. We can make these in
  3. Gday Guys my dream of owning a 260z started when I was young I remember seeing photos of them and thinking I would love to own one someday about 18 months ago my brother bought a Datsun 1200 ute and I decided i couldn't be left out and It was time to buy a Datsun myself after cruising around on the internet for a few months I found a 2+2 and took the leap and bought it, thankfully i got it for the right price and thankfully it was pretty strait and fairly rust free although someone had done a not so fantastic job of spraying it, after getting her regod I made the choice to remove t
  4. Hey all, I have been thinking about starting a build thread for a while but have been putting it off, but i've decided to bite the bullet and start it up, perhaps more or less for my own records but hopefully I will be able to help a few people out as I have found huge amounts of valuable knowledge on this forum. Here we go! Back story: I picked up this 1976 260z 2+2 in mid 2017. I had been looking for a Z for a while (needed a new project car since I sold my last, a R32 skyline) but all I could seem to find was either cars with more rust then metal left or ones that had been restored a
  5. Hi everyone! I've been stalking forum for the last couple years while restoring my rusty 260z so I thought it's about time for an introduction. I'm currently up north in Adelaide, haven't seen many z's up this way besides a little further north around Gawler. I haven't had the time to keep a build thread being a typical student but I've been keeping a log on Instagram of the build over the last two years. I had the car shipped over from WA after seeing a handful of pictures, including several large holes in all the typical S30 spots. Couple years later and a little bit of hard work
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