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  1. Hey Gilltech, yeah, I don't trust my rusted out ones. Have you got a link I could use to get me started, then I can go from there. Cheers
  2. Hi Z community, Anyone know if there is an alternative (due to discontinued by Nissan) of the "Dual circuit pressure difference switch" and the "Pressure regulating Valve"? And I guess the splitter between to the right and left rear wheels? See photos Thanks in advance Rob
  3. Hi Z lovers, Does anyone have a link to the dimensions of the Z (240z or 260z) front end? Particularly the section at the front that shows the dimensions without the bonnet. Has to show dimensions from radiator support to tip of the nose and the bonnet bolt holes (not the bonnet itself). I have to reconstruct that section so I can fit my bonnet to my 240. Hope I’ve explained it well enough.. cheers in advance, Rob
  4. Need a passenger side front guard... preferably no holes
  5. Hi Alan... thanks Looks as if the hole is approx 73mm in diameter and there are three screws that would hold it in place.. I can't post pics cause I am having trouble posting on here, do you have an email address I can send the photos to?
  6. I actually have the three pieces.. I think its what you're after.. All three would be $200 Do you have an email address I can send them too, I am having trouble posting pics...
  7. I have one, it also is a little banged up and has been smoothed out with the customary bog. I know they are hard to get.. $120 ono I don’t need it as I have an Alfa fibreglass front spoiler going on.
  8. Anyone selling Fairlady Z badges for an s30? Looking for the 2 front guard badges and the one for the rear spoiler?
  9. Anybody got a Fuel fill bezel and cap to suit a 240Z?
  10. Sorry for the late reply, haven’t been on in a while... Are you still interested??? Shouldn’t be a problem, I will price it up and let you know the cost of postage...
  11. TechnoToyTuning Rear Strut brace for standard strut tops. Bought these a while ago, cost me $250 landed and have gone with a half cage, so obviously don't need the rear strut tower blace Never been put on the car... **BRAND NEW** Asking 180 + postage Note: Is also advertised elsewhere.
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