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  1. Cheers Bruce, will bring it to a meet once this craziness has passed
  2. Coilovers in, drives much nicer now, doesn’t feel like it’s trying to kill me anymore. old springs and top ends available for free pickup in thomastown if anyone is interested just let me know.
  3. Yeah I agree that something is clearly missing, but I just dont think those panels solve the problem, still looks like something is missing and then patched over in a way that doesn’t quite blend in. Even if 100% colour matched it’s still not a look I like. I think it’s due to the indicator, it should bulge out entirely or not at all, but half way between is weird. I saw this yesterday, I like this look the best, looks clean and functional.
  4. Yo yeah I’ve been thinking of what to about the bumper delete situation. I’m not a fan of those either though as it moves the colour change up which looks weird to me. i think the solution is to stick matte black plastic circles over the holes, it would look cleaner because all the holes would then look same size, and would give the illusion that they are all doing work to hold the front spoiler on.
  5. Cheers ☺️ I took her out last night, here’s how she’s looking.
  6. It’s been a long hiatus but my zed is up and running again. I took it into Nissco /dat1600 workshop and they did a great job fixing up a decent list of things for me and getting it going again. I couldn’t find much in the way of forum reviews on them but decided to give them a go and couldn’t be more happy with that decision, they’re very professional, have great communication, and know these cars well. Plans are going ahead to build a 3.1L or 3.0L stroker. And I have a little list of cosmetic stuff to work on in the mean time. Right now I’m finding it a real pain to find a steering column cover, if anyone has a spare let me know
  7. And pics of the triple weber kit and P90 head being sold separately.
  8. These goodies included in the 25k asking price. Exhaust includes pipes all the way through. And other bits and pieces for an engine rebuild I was going to do.
  9. It’s coil over, sleeves, camber plates, and springs
  10. Yes Gav that’s the guy. It’s in storage at the moment but will include some pics as soon as I can.
  11. Also, there’s a bunch of bits and pieces from the build thread that didnt end up going in the car. These will be included except I’m selling the below separately: triple weber kit 45 DCOE 2,000 arizona z suspension kit 2,000 LD28 crank - 1,000 rebuilt and ported p90 head with mild race cam from datsunpartsllc - $1000
  12. Edit: No longer for sale. Had an offer that was retracted last minute, but during the sale process and spending time with the old girl I’ve become a bit attached to her again so removing from sale to get it fixed up and going again. Hi all, I’m looking to sell my 1975 2 seater 260z, looking for 25k. I bought this around 8 years ago and did a bunch of cosmetic modifications, and freshened up the interior. Mechanically it’s all very stock though. About 5 years ago the clutch went then I went overseas for work and it’s been gathering dust since (garaged the entire time). It needs a bit of work to get going again and unfortunately I don’t have the passion for it anymore, so wanting to move it on now to an owner who can give it the care it deserves. I have a build thread where you can see more details and photos: https://www.viczcar.com/forums/topic/7420-saxons-260z/ And a short summary: CCWs (9.5 front, 10.5 back) S2000 seats Flares Front and rear spoilers Fender mirrors New dash, centre console, carpet, wood stearing wheel Brake upgrade Current registration It needs a little bit of work to get going and I have factored these things into my asking price. The main problem is with the brakes, i’ve upgraded them (silvermine motors stage 4 + upgraded master cylinder). They were a bit squishy and my ex gfs Dad had a tinker with it and made it worse, not sure what the issue is. There’s also a water leak in the cooling pipes, some minor rust spots near the fuel cap, and need a new plastic piece that goes under the steering wheel. Message me here if you’d like to get in contact. Cheers Hamish
  13. Heyyyy I have kept it. 2 main reasons were I ended up not moving overseas for work and I moved to a place with covered parking. It's getting a bit of love now. Driving it every weekend. Dunno if I can make classic japan 2013 though I will see!
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