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  1. What's going on with prices ATM ? The red Canberra car above @$69k Shaved rear end , badly flared guards, tired engine bay , far from original and nothing really special about it ? The flared Silver car @$75k is full of rust , needing doglegs, rockers , floor's and once apart probably plenty more . The red 73 in Vic that started at $92k now $85k running Triples and Simmons . All the above to me seem ridiculously overpriced . I also think once Jobkeeper stops the market might get a bit busier ! My 2 cent's
  2. For $92k he could at least put a rear bumper on it ! Should sell fast at that price
  3. That 260z shell has been cut and modified to suit the 4WD GTR running gear . Front rails , firewall , tunnel ect . A huge amount of work to bring back to standard .
  4. Hurry up and wait https://www.caradvice.com.au/878311/nissan-400z-delayed-to-2023-report/
  5. Pot calling the kettle black !
  6. I think this car is a great example of the above . Not Engineered No RWC or Reg RUST ! Asking $75k
  7. A fairly realistic price for what looks like a original ish 240z . Makes some of the asking prices close to six figures look a bit ambitious !
  8. Cheap bus on eBay Only 8 hours to go $1800 174344242028
  9. Can you please stop trying to impress me with your stupidity and refrain from sending me any more lowball offers .
  10. Dumb ass insulting offers will get an equal response ! Please have some respect .
  11. If you're going to put this on the road you will also have the added cost of getting it Engineered to meet your state's rules . That might also include brake upgrades and passing emissions regulations .
  12. Looks like Tassie Greg and Kiwi John have a rocker each . Will be in touch with both of you shortly . Thanks Doug
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