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  1. Made an silly offer on this car and have been informed that it's sold with a deposit taken . Feel sorry for anyone that think's that they can restore it !
  2. Thanks for the lead Roger Tim had one in his collection of parts . Now I need the lock mechanism to suit if anyone has one in there box of parts ? Cheers Doug
  3. Send some images and a price .
  4. Looking for a 240z glovebox door . Can swap for a 260z door that I purchased thinking it was a 240z one ( image below ) Located in Melbourne and happy to pay shipping ect . Cheers Doug
  5. Not Rota's , Superlite's running R spec tyre's . The +10 brings the rim towards the strut , mine clear using standard Diameter spring. The back space is 123mm Best to try before you buy if you can find one to test fit
  6. 15 X 7 +10 rims with 205 60 tyre's fit fine frt and rear without rolling the guards .
  7. $300 pair Location Mount Waverley
  8. They need a re-trim but are nice and straight with good foam . If you're still interested I will send some pictures .
  9. I've got a pair but no rails . Location Mount Waverley Cheers Doug
  10. I might be able to help out with the scanning
  11. If you look at the image of the tunnel it's missing it's gear box mount on the body !
  12. It's in the 300 range just can't make out the last digit . HS30 0035x
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