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  1. Not sure if someone has posted this one already but it is well out of my budget but I might be of interest to someone who has a bit more cashola than me https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/burwood/cars-vans-utes/1971-datsun-240z-5-speed-manual-burwood-victoria/1271831437
  2. Got passed in at $17,000 Wonder what his/her reserve was?
  3. Hi Peter, Thanks for the update - I think right now for me, I am aiming for an s130 or s30 (preferably s30) so I'll probably give those 300ZXs a miss unless I get super desperate. Kind regards, Michael
  4. Looks clean - shame it's not in Victoria
  5. Hi Gav, I saw this in the cars for sale section - might be something to keep an eye out on if I can't find an s30 or s130. I spoke to rubberman about a potential down in Adelaide but it's quite tentative as we're not sure if the owner wants to let it go or keep it now Hopefully things work out and I can join the Z club!
  6. Hello! Will be keeping an eye out for this one for sure! Kind regards, Michael
  7. Hi everyone, Just testing the waters to see if there are any Z's out there that are ready for their new home. Currently on the look out for a 260 in 2+2 configuration or 280ZX two seater and/or 2+2. I am located in Victoria so ideally would be looking locally however would travel for the right car. Considering I do not have a super high budget, I do not expect concours condition however would ideally like as little rust and in driveable. Please feel free to message me if you know of any for sale. Thanks for reading, Michael
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