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  1. Guys...All about the car here: Looking for offers ABOVE $55K.. (that's ABOVE, not below chaps)...Having spent well in excess of this I believe its a bargain for the right buyer looking for a stand-out car. IF you are genuinely interested, its best we discuss over the phone as there is loads to go over and I'm sure you will want to anyway. So, please shoot me a phone number and I will call you back. The car can be viewed only with a Photo ID and after we established some things over the phone (sorry guys, I live outside of Australia and I don't want to bother Dad with tire kickers) Major Components: - 10 months rego. - Painted few years back as per link. - 2.9L engine with less then 1000 or so km's since rebuild. - Tripple genuine Mikunis with Mikuni intake - Limited Slip Diff - Genuine Watanabe wheels and beand new tyres (98%) - 5 Speed Silvia gearbox - Koni Suspenion - Techno Toy Tuning suspension components to make the car handle and look low (without discomfort)- ason the pictures) - Japanese Cross bars and many small items - Custom headers (plated) and custom exhaust (sounds like a Datsun should) - Will wood breaks all around (front and rear) with rear hydraulic handbrake setup. - New windscreen and rear glass - Many new parts, radio, guages etc all working - Seats are Recaros (original also available WITH the car) - Removable (and trimmed) roll cage (not CAMS compliant - I never picked up the certificate) Essentially way more then I can recall so best to talk over the car with genuinely interested buyers. Thank you Andrew.
  2. I flew in for 3 weeks and managed to go to one meet and suddenly THIS. Thanks for alerting me to this post on FB. Had no idea someone posed next to it. No royalties - and not a huge fan of tats either. Still, nice pic.
  3. Before the restoration..The guard mirrors will not go on. Holes welded in. Correct carbies also now supplied.
  4. OK, so finally picked the colour, going with original 919 Yellow. Sample shades indicate the 6 O'clock choice as being the closest to original and as indicated by the code of the paint manufacturer. Should start on the under body and inside shortly.
  5. One pair (rear) yes, would need flair, otherwise sticks out. 1 pair (2x rear) $600. - Let me know. Cheers
  6. Hi. I have same wheels, with different offsets on my modified car. But I think you want to see these particular wheels on a standard car?. If so, I do not have any pictures with them on the car. The front wheels 100% fit front of a 240Z (standard guards), rears would stick out, so this set (4) would suit something with wider rear end.
  7. Hi Guys Quick sale..$1,150 for the 4 wheels. (These are the Type R I believe) Offset not known as I have lost the paperwork and had 3 sets at one point so not sure what is what. What I do know is: · There are 2 Brand New Wheels (the wider pair). Never put on a car and perfect in every sense. The distance from outside wheel mount to the front edge of the wheel is 115mm. The distance from the back of the wheel mount to the back outside edge of the wheel is 130mm (see pictures) · There are 2 Slightly Used Wheels (the narrower pair, I had them on for one 50-100km drive and decided the look wasn’t right) The distance from outside wheel mount to the front edge of the wheel is 90mm. The distance from the back of the wheel mount to the back outside edge of the wheel is 115mm (see pictures) Wheels are undamaged and seen in the picture..$1150 for the lot (4 wheels). Pickup in Sydney’s Hills District or I can deliver in Sydney for about $100 via currier. Can ship interstate, but you organise the pickup please. Feel free to call me Andrew - 0405 796 942 - Will go up on Ebay next week if no interest. Cheers.
  8. OK, so Yellow car is progressing slowly overseas, hope to have it back here before the end of the year.
  9. G'Day..So was out of OZ for almost 2 years and just arrived here for the next 3 weeks and couldn't wait to finally (after 3 years since I got it made) to place my bits and pieces inside the car and kind of finish up the interior. Took her for a drive and a big grin on a face (same about the speed limits and roads here, but we cant have it all)
  10. While living abroad, I get to meet a buch of interesting people. This guy in Europe had a massive 240z Tatt done on his arm. The guy is in his mid 30's and had his S30 for the last 4 years. He said that the car had changed Many things in his life (positive) and he felt compelled to have this tatt done to eternalise his love for the car. Has anyone here, or anyone you know done something similar? - How deep is your love for the S30 Happy Snapping. Andrew.
  11. Bump...Any punters out there without silly offers?. Engine just loosened up, reconditioned Japanese carbs, new clutch, light flywheel, all new, the whole lot, ready to be transplanted without build headaches and dissipointments. You can see/hear/feel what you are buying... Almost 200Hp on a dyno at SWM in Sydney, this was just after the engine was installed and was not fully run in. I'd expect this number to be at least 200Hp now. Stewart from SWM says the car needs a different cam to get a bit more power, but I dont want to muck about for small gains. Over to you gents.
  12. Thanks a Lot for this. would love to, but so tied up over Easter, hard to manage weekends right now. I would be going with ITB's, but still on a fence about the RB swap after several discussions. It seems I'm not fully ready to let go of the L series. Either way, My engine does need to go.
  13. Here are the links for the Engine running / detail. Cheers.
  14. Doing N/A twin cam RB engine..I believe 30 bottom and 25 top. .I'm early stages so I have no answers to who?, what? and how?. I will post in my build link as soon as things get moving..Cheers guys. BTW..Love your work Kato - My goal is to give you a run when I'm done
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