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  1. any night time images with these hood lamps turned on? Love all these photos!
  2. I loved the reveal and the discussion they had with the car. I agree with Andy, the designers really captured the previous generations with the Z. It's really good to see a new vehicle that has that has distinctive designs from previous models . Few points which I feel is a little odd about the 400 Z proto. The front bumper dam area is very square, but I feel Nissan has done this as a place holder for now. I feel there is too much car door? By that I mean that the height of the door panel/ front fender still seem a bit chunky, however this design would be from the 370z. It would
  3. Ah i understand now, it seems so the car on bring a trailer is more so a presentation piece and the most obvious bits slapped onto it. That headlamp modification functional, and so specific to the vehicle. The specification of the vehicle would be very special.
  4. Very glad this conversation happened, really enjoying these photos and learning a little bit more on these cars. Yeah, I remember seeing other ex rally cars with scuff marks and damage on display over in japan. It's surprising to see these cars are being used for events and driven.
  5. $25K for a NSX! The fomo is real...
  6. Nah not harsh at all, I just love seeing the old rally builds of these cars. It's interesting to see owners build "Tribute" cars.
  7. My Goodness! This would be my ultimate version of the s30 vehicles. I hope it goes to a good home.
  8. Wasn't that Edward lees one going for about 46k - 48k 4 months back? Everyone has their set price on how much these Zeds are worth, makes me wonder about that artist Banksy, and how he and others portray what his art is worth. I really hope the support for the 240z and 260z parts picks up in the future. I want to be able to drive one rather then leave it sitting around looking for spares to find. Price is definitely a factor, but these cars are unique and very rare. I also agree with Gav, I feel the yellow Z for 55k would be a better buy and looks well modified.
  9. So keen to see this. I tried to quickly brighten up the clip and slapped on some wheels. They really darkened the black areas..
  10. . Not the car of my dreams, but it is at least fun and affordable (I'm a motoring journo, so I've driven 'em all). I'm in the same boat as well in terms of investing in a 2 seater Zed, but i must agree with the 86/BRZ being such a fun curvy road daily driver.
  11. mannnn from the fan renders i am seeing. Some of them look cool but am mostly disappointed... -No long nose! argh! -No Deep light buckets - looks still quite 370ish Hope Nissan will surprise us!
  12. Evening folks, I think there are still opportunities on scoring a good priced Zed. It really depends on the seller and what they want to do with their Z. In time people will have to let go of their vehicle and some simply want to pass it down to the next happy owner. It can get frustrating seeing very bad examples and very un-roadworthy cars going for sale at high prices, but they do not sell well. It could be a flipper or just someone trying to make up their losses. Maybe an important note is not to feel left out of the market (can admit, how I feel sometimes), there are
  13. In my point of view, the price of these vehicles is a tricky balance between enthusiasts, collectors and flippers. Seeing figures around this price does make more sense financially, for me at least. Although, the high prices i am seeing currently, has given me the case of FOMO . It does feel that buying a Zed in this age becomes more of an investment, rather then driving it and enjoying it, However, these cars are becoming quite rare, and finding parts are tricky. Honestly, I slightly feel I missed a good chance with the above auction, but then with what i saved today I could pos
  14. Car went for $41,909 including fees about 44k? I wanted to bid but... just could do it around this time.. Sad but also relieved due to a cash risk. Good on the winner for getting a good deal.
  15. The detail on this is quite good and It seems to be really well looked after. Such an unique beast !
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