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  1. mannnn from the fan renders i am seeing. Some of them look cool but am mostly disappointed... -No long nose! argh! -No Deep light buckets - looks still quite 370ish Hope Nissan will surprise us!
  2. DattoZ

    WTB: 240z/260z

    Evening folks, I think there are still opportunities on scoring a good priced Zed. It really depends on the seller and what they want to do with their Z. In time people will have to let go of their vehicle and some simply want to pass it down to the next happy owner. It can get frustrating seeing very bad examples and very un-roadworthy cars going for sale at high prices, but they do not sell well. It could be a flipper or just someone trying to make up their losses. Maybe an important note is not to feel left out of the market (can admit, how I feel sometimes), there are always better and more useful things your money can be used for. Try not to be too greedy too when you do get that opportunity My Apologies Jackson, for indirectly responding off topic. Hope you find one too! maybe put down a budget and some more detail? I did get some private offers on my old post, one of them was quite nice but had a different engine. Cheers!
  3. In my point of view, the price of these vehicles is a tricky balance between enthusiasts, collectors and flippers. Seeing figures around this price does make more sense financially, for me at least. Although, the high prices i am seeing currently, has given me the case of FOMO . It does feel that buying a Zed in this age becomes more of an investment, rather then driving it and enjoying it, However, these cars are becoming quite rare, and finding parts are tricky. Honestly, I slightly feel I missed a good chance with the above auction, but then with what i saved today I could possibly use somewhere else, especially with our economy and welfare around these days. Going to try to stick to car sales locally, a little bit of peace of mind maybe.
  4. Car went for $41,909 including fees about 44k? I wanted to bid but... just could do it around this time.. Sad but also relieved due to a cash risk. Good on the winner for getting a good deal.
  5. The detail on this is quite good and It seems to be really well looked after. Such an unique beast !
  6. Hey All, I'm looking for a 2 seater 240 or 260z. Preferably something that has been maintained well or restored. Not after a collector piece or super rare original series 1 vehicle. Hoping for a N.S.W vehicle, but happy to look else where too. Other things i am looking for: -Manual vehicle -None to minimal rust (surface rust all good) -Good Condition Interior. -L24 to L28 engine series -Would be good if electronics and gauges work - Modifications are awesome , such as a well built L28 with Round top SU carbs. However... -Vehicle needs to be roadworthy or can pass roadworthy, so i guess not over the top modifications. -Exterior Mods are all good. For example air dam/ bumpers. fender flares are ok. but i want to try doing a non permanent fitment and have a go at the aesthetics myself. My budget: 34k to 38k, Unless something fancy comes around, I may go that extra to obtain it. This vehicle will be for my own enjoyment, and I do want to maintain it for quite the duration. Then maybe pass it down to the next lot enthusiasts. Thank you.
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