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  1. Ah, they're 17's though. 17x10 at the rear 17x9.5 at front. Puts them pretty much flush to flares.
  2. Were you after these in the fitment for flares? I'll be selling mine very soon.
  3. Damn, If you were in VIC I would have taken one. Any chance you ever do trailer trips down?
  4. Interested in what you find here.. I have mismatching knobs on mine and I'm not sure which one/s are right...
  5. Hey Bobby, I haven't touched these lights, I bought them off another Viczcar member. I would advise an internet search but I believe all 260 2 seater lights should be the same. The lights are at my parents so I won't be able to get a hold of them for quite a while. I'll shoot you them as soon as I can.
  6. So this is the clearance I found on the front... No idea how they've chosen to set this suspension up, but it looks as though it's riding right on the bumpstops but still sits high up in the air... Where do I need to take the height off? Top hats or below the strut?
  7. So 100mm before it hits the bumpstop at ride height? Cool should be able to tweak it a few times before finding that sweetspot. Cheers!
  8. Hey guys, I've found myself some some nice 15" rims for the upcoming Retrospeed race weekend and I've realised that my old set of rims and tyres were grossly oversized so the ride height was set at what I presume is nearly stock levels. My car came with Ground Control coil sleeves, so I am able to adjust down, but I am just wondering what is safe with the following coils; Eibach 10" long spring 200 lbs/in front, 175 lbs/in rear. I am unaware of what the inserts are. I appreciate your time and expertise. I am unsure when it comes to this kind of set up vs. normal coil overs.
  9. Hey all. Im looking to purchase or hire some cheap 15" rims to go on my flared 240z so I can track at wilby retrospeed in a couple of months time. I dont mind even gimpy fitment that doesn't make it all the way to the flares. Just something I can make it around the track with.
  10. I'm not sure about the fitment to be honest! Best to check the exact details with kings or others better in the know. Yellow.
  11. Have been resprayed silver are in very good nick. Just looking to get back what I paid for them $400
  12. Selling these new aftermarket clear side indicators. Just looking to get back what i paid for them. $50
  13. Full set of 4 used but inspected by a professional and I believe rebuilt by last owner. Would pair perfectly with the kings lowering springs I'm also selling. Just looking to get what I paid for them. $500
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