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  1. Damn right! If the photos and description are even close to being an accurate representation of the cars condition, this would be a fantastic buy.
  2. All of the complete engines are now SOLD. Still have the Block and have found the Crank, rods, pistons, head etc. that go with it. Can separate.
  3. Two of the four have been sold. Will do a deal for anyone here that wants to take both remaining engines.
  4. No problem, David. L28 666036 is yours if you want it. I will send you a text shortly.
  5. Unfortunately no, I don't. I'm happy for you to organize for someone else who might be doing one to pick one up if that suits.
  6. Hi all, All four engines are now sold. I still have the block available and have now found the crank, rods, pistons, sump and head to go with. Can separate. I have quite a few L28 engines, whole, partial and parts from my time trying to find a suitable block for my engine build. I initially had two blocks that I bought that were entirely unsuitable for oversized bores, so I went on the hunt for every L28 I could find. All up, I found about ten. Fortunately, the first one of that batch that I pulled apart and had sonic tested was suitable for an 89mm bore, so I now have surplus engine
  7. Shaun05

    260Z seat rails

    Good afternoon all, I am after a set of seat rails/brackets for a 260Z. Both driver and passenger sides. I'm not exactly sure if they are all the same but mine have the front and rear mounting tabs sloped downward. I'll even take whole seats if it gets me the rails. Cheers, Shaun
  8. SOLD! I have a set of standard 260Z wheels for sale. They are in good condition with no gutter rash or damage that I can see at the moment. They are dirty but would scrub up well and probably polish up quite nicely. The tyres are pretty old but seem to hold air. I haven't done a proper test on them though. Located in Cranebrook, near Penrith, NSW. Prive: $300 SOLD!
  9. Morning all, I have a new, still in the box, Z power steering setup for a 260Z that I'm looking to sell. I've had this for some years now and was originally going to install it when the car was more of a road going affair. Now that it's turned into more of a track car, I don't require the power steering. I can take some photos a little later if anyone would like them but you can see the setup here https://zpowersteering.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI__CzyY2P6gIVwg0rCh3TOA25EAAYASAAEgLo5PD_BwE The kit is located in Cranebrook, near Penrith NSW. Price: $1600 SOLD
  10. Morning all, I have an extremely hard to find 3.9 ratio R200 longnose LSD for sale. This unit was built by Stewart Wilkins for my 260Z. The LSD has been modified by Stewart for far better performance, with additional clutch plates used. This only spent ~150km in my car, before being removed in favour of a 4.11 ratio unit, so it's in basically as new/rebuilt condition, as Stewart will be able to tell you himself. The diff is currently located at SWM in Mulgrave, NSW. Price: $3000. SOLD.
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