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  1. Anybody have a sump to part with for a rb20 swop?
  2. Hi I am after L28or L26 crank and rods or complete engine in the Brisbane region
  3. More Weather strips. Finding NOS seals/ weather strips arestill possible but requires a a lot of effort. I bought most of mine individually on Yahoo auction . The oem seals really fit well. The only seals that I cannot find are the door to body seals where I will revert to the Kia Sportage solution.
  4. Good work, remember the body work does have an end and is in sight!
  5. Wheels Arrived! Unfortunately no tires yet. (TE37V) Most of the painting is done, so assembly process is slowly progressing. Hatch window nos weatherstrip installed. Aligning latches and doors. My driver side latch had a lot of wear on the little rotating cam, so I bought a US passenger side one which obviously has seen a lot less work being used less frequently. lol
  6. Fixing my wiper motor. Although the motor looks in a good condition the brushes were stuck/sticky in the sliders and the motor did not run. After a disassembly and clean and with the correct wiring diagram I bench tested the motor and it started working. The motor has 3 brushes. The parking position of the motor was reset on the car by rotating and locking the dome on top of the little gearbox containing the position switch. A nice tip is to use tiny cable ties to replace the plastic pins in sealing the wiper motor black bag again.
  7. benv

    Wanted - Rear Struts

    i have a set from a 72 in brisbane
  8. 240z plse if someone had an excellent set with lenses i would be interested too. lol
  9. Hi I am after LHS indicator housing and harness, even if the lens is missing or cracked.
  10. Painting progress Before Epoxy primer Ready for basecoat and clear After clearcoat Fitting KAmeari front spoiler, excellent fit! Now for stripping the doors, they have been repaired before, no serious rust but dents and high spots literally everywhere.
  11. Suspension Pressing Bearings Test fit in lounge On Car: All parts were epoxy primed, then base and clear 2K The quality of the Technotoy tuning struts were good, I just did not like the fact that they supply a heap of washers as spacers instead of turning some nice aluminum spacers.
  12. Swaybar end link tip: Whiteline sells the cupped washers below which is perfect for the stock 240z swaybar rubbers and replaces those rusty ones with elongated holes.
  13. Rebuild my steering rack, new bearing and oil seal. Need to work in a very clean space. The inner tie rod ends were in a good condition as well as the rack bushes. The WSM has good instructions with excellent tips on fitting temporary grease nipples for final lubrication.
  14. Quick update My worst hidden bondo spots The right rear quarter seems to have been replaced early in the game, it had most of the 5 layers of paint on it. Not sure about the area above the left dogleg. There are many, many small but shallow dents in the body to fill, it is really thin. Last pic shows new front suspension ready to be installed with Technotoy coilovers. Not sure how to rotate the pics in the editor.
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