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  1. Excatly ! the market is only as strong for the purchaser is prepared to pay for it! Good luck to them if they a buyer at that price!
  2. Good to see the Z is Safe ! Priorities are in order! Ha ! Take Care talk soon. Andrew
  3. Suspiciously familiar that's not the guy from Parramatta rd E Lees Sunrise Cars is it? and how the fires up your way?
  4. Obviously he appealing to the Sydney Market definitely Oxford St Darlinghurst i guess!
  5. Wish we could have been there! looks great anyway hope we catchup at Bathurst!
  6. Nice car nice people sad to see selling and was a great day at Rolling 30s !
  7. Pretty sure this is the same car he was at Unique Cars Rollin 30s at eastern creek two weeks ago !
  8. Interesting pictures are from previous owners at Ballina! must have found all the rust!
  9. Looking at the passenger door someones already tried to shoot it dead!
  10. Hi guys I'm after a 260 Z rear hatch badge I just noticed this very old post thought id try my luck
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