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  1. mmmm now who could this be?
  2. Nice car nice people sad to see selling and was a great day at Rolling 30s !
  3. Pretty sure this is the same car he was at Unique Cars Rollin 30s at eastern creek two weeks ago !
  4. Interesting pictures are from previous owners at Ballina! must have found all the rust!
  5. Looking at the passenger door someones already tried to shoot it dead!
  6. Hi guys I'm after a 260 Z rear hatch badge I just noticed this very old post thought id try my luck
  7. Sounds good what about saturday morning is that the Cafe in the newly reopned "Pasadena" building?
  8. Hi Gav Im pretty sure this was Les Hampsons car from the Sydney Z car club he was the club president and passed away suddenly 2017 Andrew
  9. And what is that Blue plate next to it it looks like a modification /compliance or import plate ?
  10. Hey guys anyone planning a social meet in Sydney north shore sometime new year havent been on one since Scarborough down south! Car is ready and waiting to go!
  11. If your not in a Hurry he s ok. However he can procrastinate for months on end.Then tell you he has got the part then a week later on the day you organise to pick it up he"ll tell he hasnt had a chance to look for it! HA it goes on!
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