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  1. http://www.autoglass...8-240z-260z-s3/ All prices are in this link. But if you want green glass or the thinner doors just let me know.
  2. I have already got the door glasses fitted in my Z. 1/4's will be fitted this weekend
  3. http://www.autoglasswarehouse.com.au/240z-260z-s30-2-dr-coupe-1971-to-1978-240z-260z-s3/ These are the clear glasses. Just let me know if you want green and thickness of glass required. Rears are available and side and rear kits are on special.
  4. operas 1/4s for coupes are in. posting new topic
  5. update it's just under 6mm like 5.5ish also available.
  6. Fairly good I have had no dramas But I do Fit glass regularly. The 4mm glass is 2mm thinner so doesn't sit flush in rail rubbers. But alot easier on the regulator. the 6mm is also available aswell.
  7. I have got some door glass in clear that are new and 4mm thick 200grams lighter if anyone is interested 240/260 coupe
  8. I'm picking up some new glass soon guys for coupe doors. I'll let you know how it fits.
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