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  1. Go to a wrecker and source some plastic inners from a car that suits the dimensions of the z and trim/fit them in with clips, rivets, cable ties as required. You just have to get inventive with them and you really only need a strip to protect the vulnerable area you mentioned.
  2. You just rekindled my childhood memories watching The Phantom Agents on tv. Priceless haha.
  3. The Enforcer cruised the streets looking for hideously modified cars and reprimanded their owners. It should be a Marvel movie.
  4. They need to be confiscated off owners like that. Send in The Enforcer! And the place of manufacture raided and taken down.
  5. We start getting into the car Homer built territory. Gotta have a compwheel10000tacofendermirrorsgnosekobeseikorallyclock2400ohc432grillkindabuilds.
  6. And that’s the $64 000 question. If it wasn’t on your car from birth is it still original?
  7. There is a whole class structure when it comes to rims these days. If you fit the inferior product be prepared to be judged accordingly.
  8. TOO60Z

    Bonnet hinges

    To visually blend in behind the grill I would say.
  9. Swap your calipers over so the bleed nipples are at the top. That will help you get a pedal.
  10. It’s their hook car to get you in. The rest of the inventory are shitbox krautwagens.
  11. Do something different. Turn your car into ADM spec. Fender mirrors are so passé.
  12. MCM fed us the asbestos line because they knew it would cause debate over the engine swap and brake upgrades with purists. It was an easy out for them. They were going to mod it as that's what they do and what the plebs want to see. Low km engines front and half cuts come in by the container load and i'm sure none are put through the wringer the same as a single car enthusiast with his pride and joy.
  13. There is the possibility of the larger flange fouling on the sway bar if you are going to run one.
  14. Run hose to catch can and vent from there and include rocker cover vent as well. Blocking the breather is not the option you are looking for.
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