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  1. Haven’t been on for a while with updates. Progress is still being made and this little gem arrived in the mail today... It’s the top of the line retrosound with Bluetooth, Apple connectivity, usb, and internal hide away antenna. Not an exact reproduction, but it’s custom built to be as close as possible. Very happy with how it looks. Exactly in line with the theme of the car which is ‘original but with a few tasteful hidden, and period, modern upgrades’.
  2. Got a picture from Locky. The fixing of the sunroof begins with a brand new roof skin. Closing in on a completed shell.
  3. Got a few details from Les Collins as to the progress of the mechanical parts of the project. Firstly I must say, Les is a gentleman to deal with, and very particular about what makes for a good performing zed. I have no hesitation in recommending him and would absolutely go with him again for a zed project. Attached below are are some of the works completed and hours put on my engine. Photos hopefully coming soon of the actual finished products. (Prices removed for confidentiality)
  4. Got some pics of the repaired console from Locky the other week. Looks sweet as a nut!
  5. Wow that is some great work Locky! Really admire you tenacity and commitment toward the quality of this restoration! Great stuff mate!
  6. Echo that Gav...excellent work CAF!
  7. ...aaaaannnnnnd this is why you wait for a spot in Locky’s workshop. The guy is meticulous and passionate about the product. More excited than a fat kid at a lemington drive.
  8. Gday Jeff, thanks for the kind introduction. And yes, it would be rude not to go for a cruise and a cleansing ale one day soon...Pencil me in for that! Yep Locky and Les seem like a great team. I had to wait for a spot to come available for quite a while to get my z in with Locky (which to me is a great sign of quality workmanship and a business in demand) and I couldn’t be happier with the work so far. Below are some pics from Les of my gearbox: At this stage les is doing the following: (and this will be it...no more mods or my budget will blow out) short throw conversion on the box performance cam triple webers itg 3 in 1 for the carbs custom clutch bore out the original engine to 2.8L engine compression set to run on 98 octane. And that’s about it. my Koni yellows have arrived as have my new chrome bumpers, and a new hood is on the way to Locky as we speak. Thats all for now guys. jon
  9. Hey dat, thanks for the kind words. hahaha yes the ambers are going. I will have turn bulbs under the clear lenses underneath the headlights. I am going the full period Resto Route. But with a few modern niceties. konig rewinds (I will get wantanabes in a few years after I recover financially from the project) triple Webber carbs with ITG 3 in 1 short throw conversion 2.5 inch stainless exhaust koni yellow dampers Sunroof delete. Modern dizzy sportier cam extractors retrosound stereo for that classic look. brand new full chrome bumpers with no drill holes brand new black full interior new alu rear drums new light lenses and badges all round And that’s about it cheers Jon
  10. And it begins...car bound for Locky Fowler at CAF with the cabin stuffed full of parts for a brand new interior and other parts.
  11. Here is my project journal for the restoration of my 73 Datsun 240z. The car was bought by my dad in 1974. The original owner bought it only to find out that his partner was pregnant with his first child. Needless to say, the 2 seater had to go. My dad was the lucky new owner and bought it with less than 1000miles on the clock. My dad and his 240z were inseparable. So much so, that my brothers and sister more or less grew up in that car. He loved that car from the first time he drove it and he still talks about it. It was his pride and joy and almost became a friend he could journey with and rely on. As time went by though, it got a bit sad as family and life got in the way. It slowly became a bit unreliable and it was stored. However, when I was 16 the car had a very light fix up (to a mechanically drivable state) and a new coat of paint applied to the outside (external only) and it was re-registered. I drove the car for 10 years. I learned to love and rely on the z the same way that my dad did. It became a friend and companion who it just loved having around and going on adventures with. It taught me how to drive...I swear it has a soul. This went on for quite some time until I moved to Canberra and the Canberra winters got the best of it and it was retired into a garage...until now. So after much research and deliberation, I put myself on the waiting list for Classic Auto Fabrications. I wanted Locky Fowler to do this project. I spoke to many people but I just wasn’t convinced that they were right for this job. I had always dreamt of doing the z up and so I wanted the right person with the credibility and the passion to do the job and do the job well. I didn’t want to simply apply makeup to a pig. So here we are, the car is now down with Locky and the restoration has begun. As a side note, so far, Locky has been fantastic. The guy is pedantic and fastidious and he doesn’t miss a trick. I have no regrets about having him at the helm of the project and les Collins racing rebuilding the engine, gearbox and diff. This is one mean team I’ve got on this job. So I hope my pride and joy, that means so much to me and my dad, brings you all joy as you follow this journey with us. i have named the car ‘darby’ in honour of him. I owe him so much. Be safe, thank you, Jon
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