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  1. No worries mate I will speak to Les next week and find out.
  2. I will if I don’t have to quarantine on return!
  3. More photos from Les. He also gave me the following info: The pistons are new 85 mm Crank is L28 79 mm stroke. Conrod's are 133mm late L24 rods with big rod bolts same as L28 bolts. Engine is 2690ccs 10.8 to 1 compression. E88 head with 44 mm inlet valves. Heads on engine about to receive front cover and sump. Then its close to being ready to dyno. Carbies are set up on the inlet manifold.
  4. Yes I have based the engine and all the upgrades on les’ recommendations with the stipulation that it needs to be still nice/reasonably easy to drive on a sunny Sunday and additionally I want it to be quick and to have modern sports car performance figures. And I couldn’t agree more Jeff...the L Series is an amazing engine. That engine and that sound was the essence of the z cars...I wouldn’t want to go down the road of changing that.
  5. Another one from Les Collins racing
  6. Lastly, a big shout out to Locky Fowler from CAF. I would not want anyone else working on my z. The guy is a stickler for quality and should be at the top of your list for choosing who will manage your z restoration.
  7. More pictures from Les Collins. I am told that the new cam will go in next week and that the engine will start looking like an engine...very excited to see those photos coming late next week.
  8. Some good steering wheel progress
  9. Some beautiful work on the tank and suspension and other misc parts from Locky. This is why he/CAF should probably do your z also when it’s time.
  10. Oh stop it. Any more z porn and I’m gonna need a Gatorade.
  11. Just got my original bumpers back from the re-chroming...I will miss my left kidney but damn was it worth it to have original bumpers looking this fantastic!! Great job Les and Locky from LCR and CAF respectively.
  12. The steering wheel restoration begins!
  13. Looking great Jeff! Really beautiful work mate! Everything is just wow! From that amazing looking engine bay to your interior work! Great effort all round! And hey sorry to hear about rocky and your shoulder mate! If you every want to catch up for a coffee or even a mtn bike as a fellow z owner...always happy to check in and have a chin wag ok! all the best buddy! wags
  14. Wags

    Custom Car Radios

    Hey guys, Beware that they don’t come from retro sound like that. The guy at classic auto sound here in Australia will build it as a replica for you To match the screen and labels from the Datsun 240z. He’s not cheap but it is probably your best option rather than going a kenwood and having that stick out like DB. He was super easy to deal with as well.
  15. Received a few more pics yesterday from Les Collins.
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