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  1. Would you look at that! Colour me excited! ;-)
  2. Looks brilliant Locky / CAF. The finish and the photos look amazing. Well done to you Sir and Happy New Year!
  3. Interior, engine bay and door jams etc are being painted at the moment and then the reassembly begins with driveline insertion. Pointing towards the finishing line now.
  4. Ok sorry for the lack of updates. This time of year for everyone... Few parts arriving including new engine mounts, braided hoses and a bulk of parts sent off to the platers.
  5. Got the final figures from Les for the dyno when all fine tuning was done: Here are the results. Peak torque 216 Ft Lbs @4600 RPM Peak power 243 BHP @ 6500 RPM Last graph is ramp run from 3800 RPM wide open throttle to 6700 RPM.
  6. Just had a look at that on my computer...A1 bodywork on that one CAF. That finish looks like glass! Bodywork must have been gunbarrel straight to get a finish like that.
  7. Wow that silver looks amazing. Silver was a major consideration for me. It looks brilliant!
  8. For sure mate. These things are getting too valuable the swap out a matching numbers engine.
  9. Credit to Les Collins and the team at LCR! That’s brilliant!
  10. This is a ramp run from 3500 to 6500 Excellent torque and power curves. Holds power to 6750 before starting to roll off.
  11. The Dyno ran today. here is the readout: 241bhp at 6500rpm
  12. You’re the man Locky! Stoked with your workmanship and dedication!
  13. Thanks mate :-) Les shot me a message re that. Oh well, thems the breaks.
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