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  1. Heater box and fan housing strip and paint.
  2. A few more nicely plated parts into the mix:
  3. More updates: Guard seals on; guards on; Wiper motor and bracket installed. Locky is going to sure up the gaps on the guards once again and they are good to go. Getting closer to being ready for an external paint.
  4. Now onto the seats: So we have brand new foams and brand new black seat covers to go to the trimmers to be fitted. Now for a little TLC on the seat frames and sheet steel backing. Locky will have them sand blasted then painted. Good as new!
  5. Another couple of things back from the platers, the wiper arm assembly etc...looking very tidy!
  6. New engine oil pressure switch arrived.
  7. Pump and pre-filter have arrived along with this pretty looking wiring harness.
  8. It looks like that thing is made out of mirrors...bloody outstanding body and paint right there folks!!
  9. And now for some more car porn to get you all through the weekend! Drive line is in...Locky is a machine! (although I think he really enjoys this part of the build)
  10. Locky at CAF has has the oversight and the vision to bring this all together. Props to that man! Not long to go now folks!
  11. And just this second Locky tells me that the rest of our replated items are back!!
  12. And would you look at what Les Collins at LCR has done for me with this Nissan diff. Should handle the extra BHP with ease.
  13. Would you look at this beautiful update today:
  14. I don’t know why you made me get another one...that one looks mint! And the dent on the back was for efficiency after extensive wind tunnel testing.
  15. Rising sun Racing in Bristol Tenn. they sell OEM Left side mirrors and reproduce this right side mirror. It’s about $200 AUD delivered.
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