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  1. Great points there Gents. I think they will be good enough for my application.
  2. I won’t be tracking or racing the car any time soon so we won’t need to take care of brake upgrades right away. Brake upgrades are fairly easy to add after completion, if required. Locky is doing a couple of things to my brakes that he did to his similar setup 240z when he raced, so the current brakes should be up to the task of cruising around, hitting a Sunday beer garden and getting the odd coffee for now.
  3. Some more photos from Locky. The dash was put in to turn the engine over. It comes out again as we still have the gauges to clean and the clock is having modern (more reliable) internals installed by a Melbourne instrument maker. The new: vents, dash emblem, heater panel etc will go in when that comes back. Meanwhile, the new shift knob reproduction I ordered is sitting in place now on top of the short throw conversion gearbox with brass synchros…going to be nice in the change!
  4. All the right lumps in all the right places! Love it Locky!
  5. Wow I can’t wait to hear it either…going to sound amazing!
  6. I wouldn’t dream of sending it anywhere else. Between the teams of LCR and CAF you can’t lose.
  7. My final shipment of parts arrived from the states today. One of the parts ordered was a new fan blade. I have endeavored to make sure that everything on this car, that can be replaced with new shiny parts, was! Check out the difference between new and old!
  8. Now that is pretty to look at! Stellar work Locky!
  9. Great job that man! it was tough to find that new lens, but I couldn’t have everything (and every bit of plastic) in the engine bay shiney white and new and then have an old yellowed lens.
  10. Another picture I forgot to add the other week.
  11. Heater box and fan housing strip and paint.
  12. A few more nicely plated parts into the mix:
  13. More updates: Guard seals on; guards on; Wiper motor and bracket installed. Locky is going to sure up the gaps on the guards once again and they are good to go. Getting closer to being ready for an external paint.
  14. Now onto the seats: So we have brand new foams and brand new black seat covers to go to the trimmers to be fitted. Now for a little TLC on the seat frames and sheet steel backing. Locky will have them sand blasted then painted. Good as new!
  15. Another couple of things back from the platers, the wiper arm assembly etc...looking very tidy!
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