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  1. Yep, But they have had lots of questionable work done to them already. Really trying to find untouched pieces, a little rust is okay.
  2. Hi all - chances are very slim, but i am chasing a front clip for a 240z (or early 260z can also work too). I do not need any bolt on panels, just the front inner clip panels for both sides (see photos below). I am more than happy to pay a nice finders fee to anyone that can lead me to something that hasn't been Frankenstein'd together or is extremely rusty. I've already got replacement chassis rails and radiator support. Please message or call me anytime me if you have some or might know of something, somewhere. 0432247850 I'm located in Wollongong NSW, but will travel/organise postage from anywhere. thanks in advance.
  3. That came up really good.. I may have to get the contact details of who did it so I can have my distributor done to that spec too. I’ve already zinc coated all the metal parts from it already, and have a NOS rotor and cover piece for the top - so mine ‘should’ come up as new. as for the seat runners, they were not pulled apart. I think they’re kinda pressed together so I didn’t want to mess with them. The Zinc process got to all areas though. They did dip them in acid to get rid of all dirt and grease first.
  4. Keeping busy at night time tackling jobs that don't make much noise. Sent off more stuff to get zinced, and have since got it back. Seat runners done in factory black (dark green) zinc plating. Really happy with how these turned out! Found a NOS Bonnet cable. Finished reassembling the car's original TOKICO BMC. Came out great! See photos above for how bad it was. Re-assembled the seat mechanisms back. Still need to get a few circlips and some clear tube to cover the spring to make it 100% proper again. Had another spare mechanism lying around, my original ones were in even worse condition than that! I've found a few more NOS parts that are in transit. Cannot wait until this car is painted and assembly can happen.
  5. Non date matching TOPY wheels acquired. These aren't the 11/72 set that i am looking for, but until i find those - these will do. I'll blast them and paint them satin black and silver. My other only slightly rusty 1200 Ute in the background making an appearance. Pulled the wiper motor out of its bag and was really stunned on the condition. Gave it a wipe over and gave the electrical terminals a quick once over with a fine file to make the contact spots nice and new again. Before cleaning: After cleaning: PS: the wiper bag was extremely firm, but i waved a heat gun over it and it made it very workable. Had a minute to spare so i took the other Nissan out for its monthly drive to charge the battery.
  6. I removed the dash pad from the frame and reinstalled it after I got it back. Very easy to do, it's just a bunch of screws and washers. Dash has also gone to the dashboard doctor to be repaired and reskinned. Will see that in 3-4 months or so. Spending a few hours after work most nights a week in the garage doing things that don't make much noise lately. Window's cleaned up and remounted back onto the mounting brackets with the refurbished zinc coating. Looks soo good, what a difference. (drivers side glass has some very slight upwards scratches in it, looks like there were rocks or dirt stuck in the weather strip and the previous owner just didn't ever clean it out. will possibly need to replace it with a perfect one) I also pulled apart the heavily oil-soaked factory Hitachi LT150 Alternator a few months back, hardware reconditioned and covers vapor blasted. Bearings and brushes also replaced. Really happy with how this piece turned out. Love uncovering the long lost factory stampings on the covers. Earlier in my thread, I posted photos of a NOS Tokico Brake master cylinder that I acquired. Sadly, that one was a series one which isn't correct for my car and I didn't feel like paying $1,500 for another new old stock Tokico one. So I found a NOS rebuild kit on YahooJP and got to work cleaning up and restoring my original BMC. Im still waiting on my last batch of zinc plating goodies to come back to finish it off, but i'm very happy with how it's come up so far. I used my home sandblaster with a fine media to bring it back to this raw alloy finish. Just like factory! Will post more photos on completion of that part. Still need to find a late 240Z/early 260Z Brake booster in restorable condition, mine is waaay too rusty and pitted to even bother. If you have one let me know.
  7. What a beautiful restoration mate. The colour really pops.
  8. Picked up the rest of my parts from Zinc plating. Pioneer plating done such a great job overall. Dash is back on the metal frame and will now be sent away to get reskinned. Front brake's rebuilt. So very easy to do. I couldn't help myself, put the diff housings back on with the refinished hardware to see how it all looks and wow. What a result!
  9. Thanks mate! Yes the heavy stuff (axles, hubs etc) were de-embrittled. I done no prep at all prior to dropping them off - I didn't even bother cleaning them!
  10. How nice are NOS things! Did you manage to get a pair or just a drivers side? I have a NOS Passenger side, no idea how i'm gonna find a drivers side!
  11. I'm not sure what the process my blaster recommends, but i'm open to every option. Little more progress before the firewall patch gets put in. This little section on the passenger side was rusty and had previous repairs and the outer edge was badly welded in various places from the old front end.. So needed to make a piece for it. I copied the outer shape from the drivers side, but it doesn't seem to be the same of the KF vintage patch. Thoughts? Still waiting on a lower repair section, but pretty happy with how it turned out. Also had all my stuff zinc plated. A little bit more to pick up this weekend, including the dash frame. Once that's here, the dash goes to the Dashboard doctor for a re-skin. Cant wait!
  12. Thank you mate. I just borrowed this little home made trolley jack thing and it was enough to push it around. Taking the panels off is the only one to get all that rust away, sadly. Once i put the quarter panels/roof skins/front clip, then it'll get blasted AGAIN and then put in proper Epoxy primer. Ready for filler and paint.
  13. So I needed to make a proper transportation Pre-rotisserie Jig. No more jackstands! Made from 50x50 Mild steel. Found some schematics online and followed them. Naturally, the measurements were a little wrong, so I did need to adjust as i went. It bolts to the base with 4 brackets. Connects to the front & rear diff mounts, gearbox crossmember mount, and when the front clip it is, there's a provision there for the engine crossmember too. Pretty happy with how it turned out, was a little fiddly but its pretty square all around. (+-2mm). Took me around 12~ hours to make. Its definitely nice to manoeuvre the car around the garage very easily! Now i can get to finishing off the firewall patch and floors. I also dropped off all my running gear to Stewart Wilkins motorsport for a full restoration.
  14. Got a second set of front end clip panels from over in NZ. They looked great in photos but upon receiving them, the passenger side piece has been cut and re-welded in many different places which is a shame (Black marker lines on the panels are weld lines). Drivers side has a few strange things too but not overall that bad. Mocked it all up today just because of curiosity. Pity it won't align and weld itself together!
  15. Done some work with the KFvintage RHD firewall patch today. Cut and nearly ready to weld in.
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