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  1. I've always found the R31 rear calipers shitful to work with. I'm sure they're only the common disc conversion because they bolt and you have a handbrake, so still street legal. I was quite fussy setting mine up, but still have the issue with handbrake cables running close to half shafts, bleed nipple not at top, so have to unbolt the caliper and rotate on disc to bleed. A bit annoying. For a road car with occasional track use, it's a bit of effort for no real gain and a handbrake set up that's not as great as the drums. If your drums are ok and you can adjust your brake shoes
  2. If you're not able to sell it all in one lot, it'd be interested in the dog legs. Greg
  3. Not pretty or light, but functional. Two bolts through wheel arch holding it in place. M14 bolt to master cylinder for adjusting up, with locknut.
  4. Any 240Z shell with no rust will be part of a complete car. Usually only find stripped bare shells when there's so much rust they're uneconomical to repair. So bare 240 shell = an awful lot of rust.
  5. A project for the brave. I have seen this 260Z body and can confirm it does need a bit of work. He's got the quarter panels, they're just not on the car and extra. Rusted through over wheel arches. Seller open to offers. https://www.facebook.com/groups/740335446098903/
  6. Yes something like that might work, but had thought bracing to strut tower might make it work better. I'm trying to come up with something that doesn't look too ugly.. I do wonder with that Apex design how well it would work with all that light weighting and how much it has reduced the stiffening.
  7. Hi folks, I'm getting a bit of movement in my firewall under heavy braking and wanted to put a brace on the front of my master cylinder. Not helped by fact the firewall was chopped a bit for dual brake cylinder set up. I'm just running a single boosted master cylinder. Has anyone made a brace or got photos of one? I'm ok with bolting one in to engine bay behind or on the strut tower, or welding bracket in if needed. The car isn't that pretty. Advice or suggestions on reinforcing firewall not required, just a design for a brace. Thanks.
  8. I see the start of a race car there. Less work needed to chop the guards out for a set of bolt on flares. It would obviously need someone that can do the bodywork themselves to race car standard. Won't be the prettiest, but a body and bits for $1500 sounds ok. I might have taken it on if it was closer to home.
  9. Two on my car had been stripped at some time and were tapped out to 7/16 UNF. Yes it's not metric, but if you went out to M12 there might not be much metal left if it is a nut above.
  10. I'm running a Haltech Elite 2500 in my car. RB25. I put original sensors on engine so the factory gauges work. Surprised to hear "regarding the old technology from the 70's that we would have issues getting the correct readings in the old gauges" There is no reason why this would be the case. Because I'm running the RB25 I had to remove the speedo drive to get the gearbox in the tunnel without chopping it. So the speedo signal comes from a pickup on the front wheel. Speedo signal into ECU. I then used the OBDII output signal on the ECU to drive a display. This is the unit in front
  11. These locks with keys are hard to find. It took me about two years to find one. This person on ebay sold new ones. He has none listed now, but he might be able to get hold of one. You could ask him. I think the lock and key was about $60. Of note, for the one I bought the arm was out by 90 degrees and so I had to modify it and rotate by 90 to get it working.
  12. I had a series 1 RX7 many years ago and it gives me some of the best memories of all the cars I've owned. Very good car all round. Even with standard body and ride height at 200 kmhr it felt really stuck to the road and like doing 60 kmhr. Much nicer ride than my GTR and 240Z. For a mass produced car It really was a leader back in 1979 for its styling and aero Unfortunately like the 240's getting old and so very hard to get one that's a reasonable driver and doesn't require major investment. Repro parts probably harder to get hold of too.
  13. or rear brakes off an Aus R31 Skyline. That's what most do because a bolt on conversion and easier to find parts. There is a thread on here somewhere with all the details. You need the calipers, mounting brackets and rotors. Because Aus car rotors can be bought cheap.
  14. Fubar floors. And even then I was able to just replace back half of floor.
  15. Always nice to keep a car with original metal if possible. Perhaps get someone to fix up the dents? Or if needed cut out bad bits and just replace them. There is a bit of work in cutting out the complete floors and rails and replacing them. It is possible to just remove floors without rails. Once floor is out the dents in rails could be tapped out from the top side and their insides can be inspected, treated and sealed to lengthen their life. Worth thinking about before chopping them out.
  16. Welcome. Yes looks like a nice solid car. The floors must be worse than they look in the photos to be replacing them.
  17. If you are asking me, I don't know. Perhaps either would work, but if normally on opposite side of car or wipers parked differently the arm might need to move so park position is correct? I got the VZ motor and found it would be a bit of work to mount it, so haven't progressed the job. Still on the to do list. I don't normally drive mine in the rain. Semi slicks, no heater/demister, locked diff, stiff suspension and turbo marks it a bit on a handful even on a damp road. Perhaps me just getting soft as I get older and thinking more about what might happen.
  18. Congratulations Dan on the purchase and welcome. Looks like you've started with a reasonable car and so have done well there.The RB25 will be a good combo and with your trade background, a bit of time and money you should be able to make it happen. Greg
  19. Congratulations Gavin to you and the family.
  20. I feel you're both being quiet generous on the likelihood.
  21. On behalf of the group, it's been fun Happy to play tennis anytime you're free for a game..
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