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  1. cruzer

    WTB 260 heater core

    PM'd I have one, but its leaking. Did a simple leak test at home with the garden tap turned all the way down and still leaked. I might try the radiator shop as well as they are cleaning out my fuel tank at the moment
  2. Hi, Does anyone have a good non-leaking 260z heater core (2 seater if it makes any difference) that they are willing to part with?
  3. cruzer

    HVAC hoses

    Thanks, I'll give them a try
  4. cruzer

    HVAC hoses

    Hi All, Has anyone replaced any of the HVAC hoses behind the dash and know where I can buy these?
  5. Thank Jeff. I'll poke around the wiring loom and figure it out. My thinking is you need to stop the fuel flow in a event of an accident. Last thing you want the car to do is catch on fire! I've looked into inertia switches as well, and apparently the Ford BF Falcon has these on the passenger footwell somewhere. I'll check out my local wrecking yard and see what I can find.
  6. Thanks Jeff, These pics will help loads! how do you wire this so that the pump turns on and stays on with ignition in position 1? I found this article which answers most of my questions except the one above https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/45486-240z-electric-fuel-pump-installation/
  7. Thanks Jason/Locky, I'll look at purchasing that pump then. just have to figure out how to keep this pump running quite now hahaha
  8. Hi Roady, Where is your fuel pump mounted? Are you running SU's or webber's? Are you also running a FPR?
  9. Hi all, I will be putting in a L28 into my 260z. As the L28's don't come with the eccentric cup washer that mounts on the front of the cam gear to operate the mechanical fuel pump, I can't install the mechanical fuel pump. So my next option is to get an electric fuel pump. What fuel pump is everyone using? Any of them quite while in operation? I'm guessing I need a max of 3-4 psi to keep it going.
  10. Hi Guru's I'm trying to figure out what the difference is between the 280zx L28 vs Patrol L28. From random bits of information I can gather: 280zx F54 block N42 head P90 head Patrol F54 block P90/P90a head with Hydrolic lifters Cam profile for low end torque Deeper sump Anything else?
  11. cruzer

    Not required

    Looking for a l28 engine in good running condition. Let me know if you have one
  12. Awesome! Thank you for the quick reply
  13. Hi Guru's I have 260z (2 seater) with a E36 manifold and SU carbs (3 screw tops, 4 screw float bowl's) that came with the car all disconnected on a L28 engine. the previous owner has disconnected everything and let it all go bad. I am going to rebuild everything to make sure it all works right. But before I start, need to figure out how it all connects. I had a rough go at putting it all together reading lots of articles/images from google and Haynes manual. But still struggling. Can someone please help me with this? 1. Is this connected right? 2. Is this connected right? 3. Is this connected right? 4. What is this connection used for? Where does it go? 5. This was connected like this. No idea what this does. 6. What is this connection used for? Where does it go? 7. What is this connection used for? Where does it go? 8. Not sure why its connected like this. Any idea's? 9. What is this connection used for? Where does it go? 10. What is this connection used for? Where does it go? Does anyone in Vic has the same setup?
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