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  1. Congrats Gav, My 2 y.o loves the how to modify your L series engine book with the flying trucks. Mum says I am brainwashing him! I call it preparation. she thinks I won’t try it with our 5 m.o. daughter! Garage time harder but a fair trade off! Enjoy it.
  2. Hi I bought a replacement rear interior panel years back and have just got round to installing. It arrived while overseas and either (I) didn't include the inspection covers (for the rear tail light access) or (II) they have been lost in the ether of the shed. If there are any available - please let me know. Otherwise I will end up trying to secretly make a mould out of dad's ones! Kind regards Huw
  3. Gav, Going through the same exercise. Have just got antenna all apart all that remains is to: - use the trimmer line to replace my broken plastic reel; - replace (if possible) the broken rubber's on top (possible via rubber parts site) and decide whether the 'fingered' washer/nut needs replacing (as only has 3/4 of the fingers). Interested if there is any excess of parts. Huw
  4. Huw

    240z mirror

    Mirror arrived. Have yet to mount. Compared against an OEM mirror bought for my father's zed at same time there is one clear difference. The quality of the framing around the glass finish. Essentially, the OEM unit's glass is beveled to and the metal slightly folded in on the inner face (glass side). The aftermarket is flush cut and thus a bit sharp and not as quite a high quality finish. Pondering removing glass, getting someone to bevel and fold over the metal to get the finish right.
  5. Huw

    240z mirror

    Thanks all. Will email the supplier. Assume all were happy with mirrors (and remain so)? Seemed to be the case from the thread. Kind regards Huw
  6. Huw

    240z mirror

    An plan B if unobtainium would be to find someone who can repair. What has happened is the join between the ball (that links to stem) on the mirror and the body of the mirror has split. Quite thin metal so beyond my ability to repair. Thoughts?
  7. Huw

    240z mirror

    Hi all Finally got round to digging zed (71 240 Z ) out of shed and trying to give it some attention. Noticed that someone had clean hit my driver side mirror. Does anyone have the Nissan part number? (Or microfiche so I can look it up) I suspect Nissan don’t have and I will need to source from Japan but thought it worth a try.... Huw Watkins
  8. Hi, For those that are interested in old bikes. Selling my 1967 Norton P11, recently restored. Listed with Norton Club for just over 20k but willing to chat. Not in a hurry to sell but want it to go to someone who will use it. Hope the link works: https://nortonownersvic.org/noc-victoria-nominations-for-office-bearer-positions-elections-and-agm/ Huw
  9. Hi All Just wondering if: (1) anyone knows a good source of plastic rivets for the 240Zs in Australia? (or at least can tell me the size of the original ones - part 200-569? so I can locate - is it 7mm?) == edit == generic ones worked. Just need more (2) anyone has had experience with the Motorsport Auto interior trim panels? The window surround trim fit seems a fair way off to me - I have tried adjusting and I am now thinking before doing anything rash! (like drilling enlarging holes etc). They look much better than the old ones but not quite lining up. == edit
  10. Huw

    Antenna plastic coil

    Any ideas? Was thinking of buying generic mitsubishi mast replacement at Repco and seeing if the plastic coil fits. Huw
  11. Thanks, i did mean auto electrician but I actually sorted it with a clear head that night! Huw
  12. Hi all Some sudden electrical issues that I need to sort quickly. Does anyone have a recommended sparky near belgrave/ferntree gully? Huw
  13. Hi all Working through some old bits and decided to fix up my 71 radio and install the original antenna. The only issue is that the little plastic coil on inside of aerial is broken. Does anyone have a source for these? There was a part kit but discontinued by the look of things (27350-e4125). Also, will be asking some plastic welding question for radio faceplate because one of the corners is going. Interesting piece of trivia, my radio unit wad marked in white chalk with オースト, which would seem to be factory abbreviation for オーストラリア (Australia). Surprised the mark
  14. Thanks - I had checked the site and he only seemed to have bushes but will give him a call to check. Currently racking my brains to remember if we swapped the diff mounts to the later type in '07 or not (the car is not in the same country as me!).
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