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  1. Hi, For those that are interested in old bikes. Selling my 1967 Norton P11, recently restored. Listed with Norton Club for just over 20k but willing to chat. Not in a hurry to sell but want it to go to someone who will use it. Hope the link works: https://nortonownersvic.org/noc-victoria-nominations-for-office-bearer-positions-elections-and-agm/ Huw
  2. Hi All Just wondering if: (1) anyone knows a good source of plastic rivets for the 240Zs in Australia? (or at least can tell me the size of the original ones - part 200-569? so I can locate - is it 7mm?) == edit == generic ones worked. Just need more (2) anyone has had experience with the Motorsport Auto interior trim panels? The window surround trim fit seems a fair way off to me - I have tried adjusting and I am now thinking before doing anything rash! (like drilling enlarging holes etc). They look much better than the old ones but not quite lining up. == edit == fit (rivet holes) not great but patience has got them almost fitting and lookinh right. Will finish when i have more rivets! The assembly crimes of my youth are being revealed to me! Cheers Huw
  3. Huw

    Antenna plastic coil

    Any ideas? Was thinking of buying generic mitsubishi mast replacement at Repco and seeing if the plastic coil fits. Huw
  4. Thanks, i did mean auto electrician but I actually sorted it with a clear head that night! Huw
  5. Hi all Some sudden electrical issues that I need to sort quickly. Does anyone have a recommended sparky near belgrave/ferntree gully? Huw
  6. Hi all Working through some old bits and decided to fix up my 71 radio and install the original antenna. The only issue is that the little plastic coil on inside of aerial is broken. Does anyone have a source for these? There was a part kit but discontinued by the look of things (27350-e4125). Also, will be asking some plastic welding question for radio faceplate because one of the corners is going. Interesting piece of trivia, my radio unit wad marked in white chalk with オースト, which would seem to be factory abbreviation for オーストラリア (Australia). Surprised the markings survived. Huw
  7. Thanks - I had checked the site and he only seemed to have bushes but will give him a call to check. Currently racking my brains to remember if we swapped the diff mounts to the later type in '07 or not (the car is not in the same country as me!).
  8. Hi all, Just getting the zed back in shape for return to Australia so it can be safely driven. Need to get some drivetrain parts and can't think of an Aussie supplier - although the usual US suppliers seem to have what I need. Does anyone know of a supplier in Aus that will supply: Moustache bar bushes Diff mounting strap Diff mount for a '71 240Z? Cheers Huw
  9. Hi all, So, this is purely a planning question - infant son and return to Australia mean that the budget for works doesn't exist at the moment. In any event, interior and maintenance tasks after long lay-up are first on the list. owever, it is much easier to (not get caught) acquiring parts if done over a longer period. Anyway, my zed has the original L24 in it, SU carbs and a mild cam (details not on hand). Hunting for a bit more power for street use and the question is: - do I acquire an L28 and slowly build up (most likely with OER carbs etc - Japanese parts are easy for me to get at the moment); - do I develop the L24 a bit more (triples, ignition, perhaps minor engine work)? Personally, we have two zeds in the family, one which has had a little bit of work (L26 crank and rods) on SU carbs and mine (essentially stock). I much prefer the way mine revs - but dad's has more power (we can't have that). Thoughts? (I am in the process of reading the modifying L series 'bible') Of course, I wish Lurch's L24 build was an option!
  10. White. Black pinstripe on bonnet and sides.
  11. Dont say that. Mine was blue but the PO had glued shag felt all over it. So it was replaced w black and car repainted blue!
  12. Well. P11 registered and runs. Thought i had learnt from my 18 y.o. mistake of taking zed for run without filling petrol tank enough. Obviously had not. . .32 y.o. self got ten minutes in to run spluttered to a stop and had to push it home. Much easier than zed but not in leathers! Really should have stopped at petrol station rather than opening it up on a nice straight! Not sure about the kick start regime yet! First non electric bike. tucked away till I am back in Oz next. Now to turn back to zed! Interior needs some attention.
  13. Old thread but just by way of update - everything now back in the P11. RWC next!
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