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  1. Thanks. I'm checking out a local source this weekend but if that's no good I'll give SWM a call.
  2. Thanks CAF, thought I had already responded to this, but obviously not. Who is Stew? Do you have contact details please?
  3. Mike260LW

    RH Front Corner

    Unfortunately I had an off in the Targa Great Barrier Reef and had a close encounter of the unpleasant kind with a tree. The car is repairable. I'm looking for a RH front (driver's side) cut off a parts car or old she'll or minted front cut. I need the bit from the front shock tower forward - the bit the that the radiator support panel and front bonnet hinge attach to. Is there anything out there?
  4. Hi I have a set of Superlite GTR 15 x 7. These were the light weight iteration of the wheel before they went bust. They CNCd a bunch of superfluous metal out of the hub of the casting to reduce unsprung weight. We ran them on our Tarmac rally car until we upgraded to a bigger brake package and moved to 16 x 7. Let me know if you are still interested.
  5. I'm interested Richard. I like to see other people spending as much money on race cars as me.
  6. Agree with Brett240, 30psi hot seems to be the sweet spot for the AO50s on a standard weight S30
  7. I'm after a set of aftermarket alloy rims, period look, 14" x 6" or any width if 2 piece. Looking fo something lightweight with not a lot of metal in it to replace a set of Jellybeans which soak up and retain too much heat. As close to 0 offset too. Fussy, I know!
  8. Yes Richard there is an element of ground hog day with these discussions; but at the end of the day, a well sorted Zed is still a pretty competitive package - just look at Steve and Brett Smith in the ex Ja Lea 280Z at Philip Island the other week. I've been looking into the cryogenic treatment of rotors. Steve Smith runs them. They apparently provide longer rotor life. I've asked a lot of people about it but it's all opinion and anecdotal info. I haven't seen any quantitative evidence or test results to confirm or deny categorically what the performance advantage is. Whilst hardening the metal the treatment also embrittles it too. Is that a good thing for a critical component? I also had one metal treatment specialist who does cryogenic treatment tell me that heat treatment is a better thing to do for brake rotors. They do it for trucks and busses. I'd be really interested to hear from any forum members with experience or who have experimented with rotor treatments. Tell me more about the calliper fluid recirculating device. Interesting? Mike
  9. Evidence Richard. Find an owner who has a sales invoice for an S30 with rims and tyres wider than standard. Add triple webers and big brakes while you are at it. I think your comment is unfounded and unfair. Historically, I think there have been very assertive Group S Datsun Zed campaigners pushing the barrow for better tyres and brakes but no one can produce the evidence. The silver Zed Rob and John were campaigning as a sprint car was originally one of the gun Gp S Zeds in it's day. Rob still has a lever arch folder full of legal documents and and court findingsthat came with that car and it's log book, to try to assert the S30 cause. It's the legacy of a small fortune exhausted by previous Zed racers trying to gain some equity with the ubiquitous 911. One of the realities is that commerciality has sunk its parasitic fangs into historic motorsports and the "show" will determine and ultimately provide or permit a greater level of equity into the category. The Group S cars of today (Including Datsuns ) are a shadow of what they were 10 years ago. For me it's the brakes that are the Datto issue. They are effing dangerous in a Zed which is now producing double the original horsepower than standard. But no amount of rubber or no amount of brakes is ever going to overcome the sheer grunt of a 7 litre race engine up or down the mountain.
  10. Thanks Hung, kind words indeed. It's all about the brakes isn't it. You don't realise how much corner speed you can carry until you run out of brakes! Thanks Cozza, but we had to do the "Harold Holt" to get back to Brizzy so we were on the trailer as soon as Saturday's race was run. It was a cracking weekend and the GT cars were awesome. Great result for young Warwick lad Matty Campbell. He's there purely on talent. Bumped into his mum who was staying in the campsite!
  11. Thanks, sorry I missed saying hello. It was never ending fiddling with brakes. Trying to get the rears to do their fair share but wanted to creep up on it and not go full crank on the bias valve and end up with rears locking up first. I think we are pretty close. Now have to find a better front pad compound.
  12. Yes, Mr and Mrs Siddins were there spectating and came and said hello in the pits
  13. If you are interested, here is the coverage of the final Group S – Historic Production Sports Car race on Saturday. I’m in the Orange (with blue stripe) Datsun 260 Z #48 and came 11th. Steve Smith is in the Blue (with white stripe) 280Z came a very commendable 5th in this race! And Gavan Dearie from Vic come in 18th in the Yellow 260Z. Group S were one of the four support categories to Liquimoly Bathurst 12 Hour race at Mount Panorama. We had practice (20 mins.), qualifying (20 mins.) and Race 1 (30 mins or 10 laps) on Thursday and then Race 2 and Race 3 (both 30 mins or 10 laps) on Friday and Saturday respectively. This is the first Group S event for my car after a five year build. I bought it as a rusty stripped shell (1974) with all the unrestored bits in boxes and some boxes missing. We were chasing brakes all weekend and I’m still learning to drive this car which is very different to the webered tarmac rally Z. Was 27th in practice, qualified 17th, came 16th in Race 1, 13th in Race 2 and finished 11th in Race 3 (Final) The Group S race starts at 0.51 mins. Into the telecast. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCGbCXVIbVY&t=2s
  14. Dave, check the standing regulations for regularity regarding who sets minimum a and maximum times, but it's a moot point. Agree with all you have said and all that you do. It is all about common sense and common racing courtesy. Agree lowering the minimum time would not be beneficial. It's about ensuring everyone plays in the sandpit nicely. The crux of the issue is that both needs can be accommodated, however, it is a regularity event and those participants who are trying to compete in regularity, in some respects, should have their needs given priority over those out there for a fang. Ensuring your nominated starting position reflects your track pace is a good start and prevents faster cars back in the pack tripping over competitors early in the round. And if you are quick enough to be catching people, ensure your nominated lap time reflects some contingency to allow passing of slower cars safely, as Dave suggests. Also pick your place to pass. It is such a fantastic event at such a great venue, it just needs all competitors to be on the same page. I repeat, common sense and courtesy. CB19 and GroupZ and Festival of Zed will be awesome and not to be missed.
  15. The CAMS standing regulations for Regularity Events state that the purpose "is to set consistent lap times at less than the full potential of the driver or the vehicle. It is not a race." One of the issues we have is speed/time difference between the front runners and the back markers. This is managed in Groups A to D by ceding by similar time brackets fastest to slowest. In Group E we have everyone in together. We already have the front runners catching and passing the tail end in a 20 minute run. Allowing the front runners to go even faster kind of defeats the" purpose". There are clearly two camps here. Those who want to enjoy a thrash; and those who want to compete in modern or traditional regularity. It's not really fair on the regularity competitors to have to be constantly mindful of fast passing traffic. It is also incumbent on all competitors to continuously re-nominate their times to ensure they remain correctly positioned in the pack. This appears not to have occurred in all instances last year resulting in one faster competitor punting off a marginally slower competitor on the opening lap. That just should never have happened. No one wants to see a fellow competitor end up in hospital with spinal injuries and a totalled car. Just ludicrous in a regularity. Similarly having virtually an entire sessions being red flagged cos someone speared off into the gravel trap on the opening lap is not ideal. It is my understanding the minimum time is set at the discretion of the event organisers and given last year's adverse incidents I would imagine " our history with the event" will count for something but perhaps not in a positive light. The Sprint format is there if you want to go faster than 2.36 and set times at the full potential of the driver and the car. Those guys up the front have potential in spades full.
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