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  1. I'm wanting to buy an engine stand suitable for a 260z engine. After some investigation (couldn't find anything specific on the forum) it seems alot of the product descriptions say suitable for 4cyl, V6, V8 engines. My question is are they suitable for a straight 6? What have you successfully used, keeping in mind I need it to be mobile (without busting my boiler!) to move around the garage as required. Tks!
  2. Hi Peter, I simply ordered them, I didn't provide strut part # or anything. I have purchased a number of things from them over the years and have always found them to be very prompt with their communication. Once recieved 8 they fitted without a problem. Cheers Tony
  3. I'm hoping someone can help me out with advice on a new sports seat (type/model etc) for my 1973 240Z. I'm planning the odd track day and want something that provides better support than my standard driver seat, supports the use of a clip in harness (I have a half cage) and can bolt straight in/onto the standard mounts. Fixed (with the ability to fix at my desired point) or on runners. Like the wheels and tyres, I will be removing the seat after the event until its next needed so I'm looking for something that simply bolts straight in. I'm not looking for a huge winged wonder, just
  4. No problems! KDRL-09 (RL= Rear lowered) KDFL-08 (FL= Front lowered) As they had to be manufactured delivery was 6wks! Cheers
  5. Money well and truly spent! I installed the Koni's and lowered King Springs, very happy with the look and handling improvement!
  6. Thanks for the response Smugley.... love the name! I really want to choose the 15x8 & 15x7 combination but of course want to know they will fit before buying them. I know the +4 offset on the rear is fine but the Rota man told me the +10 on the front would not fit so I of course need to be 100% sure. Are you using Rota RB 15x7 +10 on the front of your car? Call me anal but its a big gist if I buy them and they don't fit! Tks a million!
  7. Need some advice please for my 240Z. Can't decide on the above 16" wheels all round with 225/50 tyres or the above 15"combination with 225/50 on the rear and 205/50 on the front. Concerns/questions are; 1. I'm told the 16" & 15" +4 will fit with my standard suspension and rolled guards but there's uncertainty about the 15" +10 fitting. Does anyone have any experience? 2. My preference is the 15" wheel and tyre combination mentioned above which is all possible with the Yokahama Advan Neova. My concern about the tyre size required for the 16x8 is that the front would h
  8. Thanks for your feedback Mike! I'm still looking but now at RB-R 16X8 +4, I'll come back to you if they don't work out. Cheers Tony
  9. Hi mate, What offset did u buy or can u suggest for standard suspension. Tks!
  10. I've been told Performance has gone bust and some guts are negotiating with the Chinese company that owns the molds but this is likely to take months. So, I'm looking for four 15x7 superlites for my 240Z. Cheers Tony
  11. Many thanks for your reply George! Yes, I had already received a reply and have now placed my order! I'm thinking the same or maybethe lower spring, need to do some further investigations. Cheers
  12. Hi George, Apologies, this may come thru twice? I've just sent a mail to The Z Store asking them to confirm these are still available as only today I was told Koni no longer an insert for the rear struts on a 240Z. Was wondering what springs you matched these with? Many thanks
  13. Yes, the entire stalk and mechanical and electrical mechanisn.
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