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  1. Not being a numbers wiz, I've been trying to figure out what setup I'll go when I can wrangle some Watanabes... and this is it for sure (links to a photo post of yours). Thanks @mossy! Edit: Wait, looks like these are actually 15s after a later swap... I need to properly read your thread, haha. I skipped ahead!
  2. Jeez. Glad I read this thread, I nearly got in touch with them about this one! https://www.edwardlees.com.au/stocklist/datsun-make/260z-model/pagenum-1/
  3. This is incredible. Methinks I'll chuck this up on WhichCar next week!
  4. Yeah, $79k. It tempted me briefly, but for me it's just too much money for a car that IMO isn't quite as all-time cool as the S30. Probably fair to say it's rarer than the Z, though. In legit 2000GT form, anyway!
  5. Has anybody seen this car in recent years? I was actually the photographer of those dyno day shots, haha. Fu and I used to hang in the same group (JTYPE and JDMST). I should track him down and see what’s up!
  6. Yeah my partner showed me that one last night, feels dodgy for sure.
  7. This one is up to 50k now too. Still a while to go!
  8. Loving this story. You’re a heck of a writer, mate!
  9. Jeez, what a journey already. Can’t wait to see more on this one! I’ll be following closely.
  10. oof, that’s extremely nice. Those were another of my longtime faves, but ultimately not one I’d be quite as prepared to spend big money on. They just don’t look as exotic as the Z.
  11. There’s a few of us prepared to pay today’s asking prices, yeah. Mind you, it’s not without a lot of grimacing and regret that I didn’t make a move 20 years ago. These things are the reason I launched grandJDM.com, after all! (Which I later handed over to the guys at Japanese Nostalgic Car.) The simple fact is, I want one and I’m not interested in taking on a resto project. I’m not wealthy, but my career has progressed to the point where I’m finally in the position to access finance without having to live on a diet of 2-minute noodles or leave my family without the things they need. Incr
  12. Yep. I’m not necessarily in a hurry, but the longer I have to wait, there’s a good chance I’ll just go for the Z35, haha.
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