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  1. It never rains but it pours! There's a couple there I might've bought if they were available a month ago, haha.
  2. @OdinZ hahah I linked to photos of my 944T in my post! The text "I ended up buying a 944 Turbo" links to my Instagram page Here it is again: https://www.instagram.com/p/CNUnMbdjBrT/
  3. Yup. I couldn't do a thorough rust check on my visit, but my brother – a mechanic – noticed some bubbling in the paint on the roof at the passenger side. Other than that, it looked pretty clean to him, but it was only a cursory inspection. There's a list of items needed for a roadworthy, but nothing overly dramatic or expensive. I don't think it'd be appropriate to post the specifics here, though. (I paid for the roadworthy check, but I think he should be given the opportunity to share the details with you himself.) It drives well and it's quick, has a tuned L28 in it as described
  4. Considering that orange one went for what, $120k at auction? This one at 150 does seem rich... especially when it's rolling on Rotas. No offence to anybody who has them, it's a personal budget choice – but surely you'd get something a little more well regarded if you're looking to sell at a collector's price.
  5. I just spoke to him on the phone. “Oh yeah ah it was just paid in full yesterday actually, and we keep the ads up until the car’s picked up.” right... but the gumtree ad says it was posted yesterday. “Oh yeah ah the computer systems that make those ads keep refreshing them, so yeah it looks like a new ad.” lol.
  6. The ad’s gone again, haha. Your link just gets a “no listings found” pop up. I reported the original ads on gumtree, JustCars, Carsguide... hadn’t checked in on them though. edit: wait, here it is. Gumtree
  7. Is that very effective? I’ve always wondered how that holds up over time, and how good it would look, but never looked into it.
  8. Ha... he's just replied to say it sold a few days ago. Bit of a coincidence, no? Considering how long it had been listed... @C.A.F. Thank you for the offer mate, but I guess it doesn't matter now!
  9. Yeah, fair enough too! I've sent him a message to indicate my interest – and it's genuine – but I've noted that I'm not unaware of the details he's neglected to mention in the ad. Will be interesting to see what he says – if he replies. (And he may well be reading this thread!)
  10. Haha, shit, wait, it's this car? @gav240z you post so many cars for sale, you might've forgotten you posted this one, haha. He's put quite the markup on it with that manual conversion, hasn't he...
  11. So nice. Great setup, great inspiration!
  12. Yup, I’m more caught up on his thread now, haha. And I completely agree, best look for sure!
  13. It’s actually... annoyingly appealing, haha. I was looking into the 240Z in Canberra, but this one despite being a 260Z seems to have more going for it. I’m not desperate to have an early car, I just want a clean S30. Any other reasons I should steer clear?
  14. Not being a numbers wiz, I've been trying to figure out what setup I'll go when I can wrangle some Watanabes... and this is it for sure (links to a photo post of yours). Thanks @mossy! Edit: Wait, looks like these are actually 15s after a later swap... I need to properly read your thread, haha. I skipped ahead!
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