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  1. I used e go couriers. Just wrapped seats in cardboard and plastic wrap. $105 a few years ago.
  2. Great story and welcome mate. Another Canberran Z owner is born. With so much sentimental and emotional value, you will love the finished product even more. I’m in Weetangera, but swear I’ve seen that Z out the front of a Duffy house before? Ive gone RB and resto modded my 71, but if you want any help or to go for a spin shoot me a message. ps. Get rid of the amber grill lights!
  3. Sometimes after trying the patience game you have to be firm with the beaters. As they say, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”.
  4. Big fan of the Mazda. It’d be an absolute handful when you’re on it too!
  5. If you’ve got the two Zs I say get cutting on the 260 if your heart so desires. Best of both worlds and you leave the stock 240 in tact. Easy done!
  6. What a great find! Kudos. My parents have a block on the Island, never in my wildest dreams would I have though a decent Z would be hiding dormant there. Goes to show how random car hunting and barn finds can be! You could easily get a 1000% return as is.
  7. Looking good mate, some nice parts and progress. Ps, don’t cut her up. I love the flared look too but original lines are key. I plan on getting another z to do the flares and satisfy that itch!
  8. Is it intended to read Fanta Z as in the drink or is it FantaZ - fantasy? In any case, good luck with the sale
  9. Someones ruined the picture with a shocking park!!! Looks like a great day had fellas.
  10. It’s certainly a divisive debate! At the end of the day buy whatever best suits your needs, budget and value for money.
  11. Good grief the green 240z resto mod is mint.
  12. They just have a bad wrap - who knows how much is true though - urban legend vs actual events. I've heard stories of rotas literally exploding apart. Saying that I ran a set until I could justify some Wats and didn't have any issues! I think you'll have more luck if the rims were wrapped in some rubber as thats another significant expense the buyer would have to stump up.
  13. Because no offence to the seller, but Rotas are cheap imitation rubbish. Plus the need for Tyres and your looking at over $2000 for knock offs with a somewhat questionable reputation
  14. The brakes are overkill but my God they make the car pull up. I run the same setup with a spot caliper handbrake on the wear as per Waz's setup. Passed ACT rego and engineering no probs, however I still wouldnt be confident relying soley on the handbrake on a hill. But the Willwoods are fantastic. Jeff, you make need the proportioning valve too as I needed to adjust my bias away from the rears - the rear end kept locking up under hard braking.
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