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  1. Hey Guys Looking for advice on who to use to ship a pair of 240z seats (bases and backs separated) from Canberra to Perth, have been quoted $458 by pack and send which quite frankly is ridiculous, I recently had an entire 240z interior flown from the UK to Perth for $900 and took only 3 days, hence my reluctance to pay $458 for two seats from Canberra! Any suggested shipping companies would be appreciated Cheers
  2. Yes, but the new owner tore the car down and re-restored it, I see it is for sale for $97K !
  3. Hi mate Any luck with that LHD heater fascia, would really like to try and get hold of it ASAP if you can help Cheers Lee
  4. Hi mate, sorry for the delay in responding, my notifications weren’t turned on so assumed nobody had responded. I need the top air cable and the the plate that holds it down, happy to buy a fascia if all the cables are intact, condition of the fascia is unimportant. If you can assist, please advise cost and postage to Perth. Cheers mate Lee
  5. Hi mate Apologies for the delayed reply, do you have a complete Heater Control panel that is fully intact, if so, please advise cost including postage to Perth. Cheers Lee
  6. Hi Gav, I’ll check and find out cheers Lee
  7. Heater fascia panel required for my 71 240z, it doesn’t matter if it’s been butchered to fit an aftermarket stereo, but needs to be complete as I need to rob bits and pieces from it. Cheers
  8. Hi mate Very delayed response, first time I have been on the site for ages, thanks for the offer but managed to get an original one, my mate needs one I think, what are you asking? cheers
  9. Hi Lee, JP here, previous owner of your number 63 car. Just saw your request for photos. Happy to send copies of what I have. Would be keen to come and see your projects and talk Zeds. From memory, the vinyl on the trans tunnel in driver footwell shows original blue under black paint next to the footrest.  I vividly recall the dash being the same blue NOT black. Previous owner told me this was a one off for the 71 Melbourne motor show. Sounds unlikely to me, but, the whole dash was the same blue as vinyl trim, but unfortunately I have no photos from before I had work done to get her back on the road. Look forward to hearing from you


  10. I’ve got a spare one mate, original from a 1970 car and in great shape, let me know if you are still looking for one. Cheers
  11. Hi mate I have a later style available, let me know if you are still looking for one. cheers Lee
  12. I’ve got one mate, let me know if you are still looking.
  13. Thanks guys, I know it’s a long shot, but if you don’t ask you’ve got no chance at all and I’ve been lucky with some rare stuff in the past. cheers
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